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Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Nollamara

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Containing mulberry tree roots - Oh WOW!! Your berries look amazing!! (and your gorgeous little boy - LOVE the sheer bliss on his face =D) I have started trying to take off the higher branches that are coming up vertically on my tree as I can't reach the berries on them anyway. I fi..1657 days 15hrs
Containing mulberry tree roots - Thanks!! I had suspected that my tree fruited twice, it's good to have that confirmed, and thanks for the tips re letting light penetration through - this very much explains why the inner branches didn't fruit as much as the outer this season. I also lik..1662 days 12hrs
Containing mulberry tree roots - Thank you so much for your reply! At least I know there is hope it can be saved, and also thank you especially for the tip regarding controlling its vertical growth. I will definitely give that a go. After the 2nd year I had all but given up with pruni..1667 days 14hrs
Containing mulberry tree roots - About 4.5 years ago I planted a Hicks Fancy (I think) morus nigra in my little backyard in Nollamara. The description on the tag had the word 'compact' in it so I thought this meant small. I was so wrong lol In ignorance, I planted it about 50cm from my..1670 days 10hrs
Eggplant rot - Thanks for the advice! Just to clarify though - I don't actually have a preference re younger plants vs advanced, it just happened that I was in Swan Valley and passed a market garden stall thing and they had some eggplant plants for sale so I picke..3083 days 11hrs

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Containing mulberry tree roots - Hi Jacelyn Instead of concrete blocks you could try thick plastic maybe sheets of roofing poly-carbonate as a barrier. Bending branches down is a great idea if they start low enough. I prune my mulberry twice a year to keep the tree small and fruit lo..Liked Answer 1662 days 12hrs
Containing mulberry tree roots - Yea, if you really love the tree you can dig a trench between your tree and the fence about two feet deep at least 3 to 4 meters long. Insert concrete hollow blocks or large concrete pavers in the trench. You can stabilize the structure with crushed rock ..Liked Answer 1667 days 14hrs
Eggplant rot - Hi Jacelyn. Eggplants tends to split if it grows too fast - that sometimes happen when there is too much fertiliser. Best to use compost and slow release fertiliser so it gets an even feed. Too much direct sun can also cause splitting. Too much water ..Liked Answer 3089 days 14hrs
Mandarin tree questions - I think you are doing great for your tree already. The existing leaves will not change colour. You will only notice improvements on the new growth. spores/spots - probably bad - spray with white oil (if bad insects) or fungicide. Suggest take a le..Liked Answer 3092 days 1hrs
Mandarin tree questions - Don't cut those spore things off the leaves, they are the eggs of the lacewing which is a beautiful insect, the larvae of which do a fantastic job in the garden eating all kinds of nasties like aphids. Your tree should recover with all the attention you ..Liked Answer 3092 days 1hrs

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