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Chocake's Edible Backyard

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Pandanus amaryllifolius - Hi, am thinking of bringing a pandan plant from Asia to western Europe in May (by plane). Several questions tho: 1. should I get the short leaf or long leaf variety? 2. would it be fine to bare root it? thanks..1921 days 11hrs
Curry tree murraya koenigii1 - How do you diffentiate dwarf & regular curry leaf plants? Do dwarf types have lage leaflets? Bought some plants with leaf-structure similar to regular of bhatia's website: http://www.bhatia-nurseries.com/curry.htm but they smell so citrusy that's repul..2622 days 18hrs
Curry tree murraya koenigii1 - Hi barefoottraveller, you can get them at ebay...2639 days 23hrs
Curry tree murraya koenigii1 - Hi Priti, fyi, Murraya Koenigii doesn't fancy repoting too much so try not to do it too often. Otherwise you might be doing more harm than good. On fertilizers, there are so many in the market these days. Chemical ones might be more effective (ie. lus..3942 days 21hrs
Curry tree murraya koenigii1 - Hi, Over here in Germany I buy small plants (15cm tall) from a gardener who imports it from Africa. Has thick leaves & grows more sporadically than the dwarfed type(that has thin leaves). Priti, perhaps you should give it some fertilizer. i use an orga..3965 days 4hrs

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