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TheCastle's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Bulgaria, Burgas

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TheCastle Forum Contributions
Babaco - Thank you, friends, you are great, thanks for responsiveness. So, my job is really hopeless. I'm goofy entusiasit. I'm sending you a link to see my mini-botanical garden, which is made in our modest bulgarian options, but I made it for a long 20 years p..5463 days 2hrs
Babaco - Hi, Juanita. We heartily thank you for rapid response. We recently wrote to them on this site, but they didnt have babako and maybe not possible to send for oversea. So we are looking for other ways. It is only one place on earth where you can buy babako?..5468 days 3hrs
Babaco - Hi, Juanita! Can you tell me some contact information about CERES, like e-mail or something, I do Goodle search, i tried to find CERES e-mail but nothing .. :/ Please help me, i really need to find this babaco and buy it :)..5475 days 2hrs
Babaco - If someone can help us or sell me Babaco here is our e-mail: zamakat@yahoo.com Thank you!..5475 days 2hrs
Babaco - We search Babaco or champagne fruit - Carica pentagona, we want to buy it, this is our dream of several years, we investigate this plant for our mini-botanical garden: http://www.sarafovo.net/zamakat/bulgaria/garden.html We would be very glad if you..5475 days 3hrs

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