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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveSpring Catalogue is Available Nowfathers day couponBuy 3 get 1 FREE bare root stock

Simon8's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Simon8 Forum Contributions
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Thanks Brendan & Xiem. I will give it a go...2545 days 11hrs
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Thanks Brendan & Mary... ..2556 days 4hrs
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Hi Brendan, The Tangelo marmalade your sister made looks impressive. Does she mind to share her recipe? I have a tangelo tree that we always can't finish the fruits. It would be good to use the excess fruits for marmalade...2557 days 8hrs
Lychee tree - Thanks for the info Tecko. I guess watering twice a day during summer make some differences. I wonder seedling plants tend to grow better than grafted once that supplied by nurseries. Thanks agin. ..2716 days 1hrs
Kale - Hi Julie, Are you still after some kale seed? I friend gave some Siberian kale seeds to me sometime ago. I can only spare some seeds to get you going. Please do not be disappointed/discourage. I grow two to three plants per season (that's enough for a f..2719 days 5hrs

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