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Simon8's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/08/09 Updated: 09/08/09 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Simon8 Forum Contributions
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Thanks Brendan & Xiem. I will give it a go...2460 days 16hrs
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Thanks Brendan & Mary... ..2471 days 9hrs
Seville orange fruit and seeds avaible now - Hi Brendan, The Tangelo marmalade your sister made looks impressive. Does she mind to share her recipe? I have a tangelo tree that we always can't finish the fruits. It would be good to use the excess fruits for marmalade...2472 days 13hrs
Lychee tree - Thanks for the info Tecko. I guess watering twice a day during summer make some differences. I wonder seedling plants tend to grow better than grafted once that supplied by nurseries. Thanks agin. ..2631 days 6hrs
Kale - Hi Julie, Are you still after some kale seed? I friend gave some Siberian kale seeds to me sometime ago. I can only spare some seeds to get you going. Please do not be disappointed/discourage. I grow two to three plants per season (that's enough for a f..2634 days 11hrs
Lychee tree - Hi Tecko, Your 4-yr old lychee tree is very impressive. Are you in Perth metro area? Any secret tips? I have 3 lychee trees had trouble growing them in the ground as it seems to dislike the dry summer in Perth. So I grow them in large pots, seems to gro..2634 days 11hrs
Dragon fruit - Thanks for the reminder. I am contacting you over your email address. Thanks you once again...2683 days 8hrs
Fruit trees in perth wa - Hi Andy, Your lychee tree is very inspiring. Any tip on its care? I have been trying to grow some for the last 8 years. The Lychee tree (may be I should call it stick) does not seem to have much happening. To be fare, I had one that was about a meter tal..2690 days 8hrs
Drumstick tree - Hi Nick, Which suburb are you in? I would like to get in tourch to get some seedlings. My email address is vengold@upnaway.com..2712 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi Danny, Thanks for your offer. Which suburb are you in? Please leave contact/address at my email address: vengold@upnaway.com so that I can contact you to arrange suitable time to pick up a cutting. I am at south of river, Rossmoyne. Thanks again Danny..2712 days 13hrs
Dragon fruit - Hi Danny, Am I too late to get the pink dragon fruit seedlings that you wanted to throw out? Where about are you in Perth? ..2742 days 11hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - It is very interesting to read all the comments from all of you so passionate about durian, no wonder it is the king of fruits. Does anyone have any success in growing durian in Perth areas? If so what varieties are suitable here, where can I get some see..2742 days 11hrs
Wolf berries - Hi Julie, I managed to contact a friend who said there is an outlet at Kelmscott which is nearer your way. I have not been there myself. the address is : 9 Alola St, Kelmscott; Email: gqinsley@bigpond.net.au Contact person : George Qinsley Telepho..3264 days 7hrs
Wolf berries - Hi Julie, I know there is a middle age man that sells jujube plants in the Canning market at week end cark park sales. Not sure if you go that way. There is a jujube orchard in Gidgegannup along Toodyay road that sells them as well. As I am currently wor..3265 days 6hrs
Wolf berries - Hi Julie, If you get discouraged by Goji berry plant, another insteresting one is Jujube or chinese red dates. There are quite a lot in Perth, very hardy to grow, produce nice crunchy fruits if you pick them early (just about to turn red). I have two v..3266 days 6hrs

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