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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Trudy1 Forum Contributions
Blueberry - Hi, I purchased four blueberry plants this year - Sunshine Blue (Beaufort St. Nursery) lots of fruit. doing well. City Farmers -Lord St. -struggling but alive -6 fruit. Bunnings -slowly expired -dead. Diggers - BlueRose - Deciduous -now full of leave..3612 days 2hrs
Cherry substitute for perth - Hi, I planted a Stella Cherry a few months ago but am now doubtful if it will fruit - so I have ordered a Rio Grande from Diggers, Vic. I have problems with Fruit fly - both neighbours have fruit trees and do not spray - one leaves the problem to her ..3810 days 11hrs
Cherry of the rio grande1 - Hi Gus/Amanda, I have just ordered a Rio Grande Cherry Tree (and Cranberry plants) from Diggers, so will let you know if it arrives. I planted a Stella Cherry tree 2 months ago, but am not sure if it will fruit due to required coldchill. ..3812 days 7hrs
Buying fruit trees at bunnings yes or - Hi, Unfortunately over the years I have brought fruit trees and plants from Bunnings which were mislabeled. 2 Limes which turned out to be Grapefruit and later a seedless Grapefruit which had seeds. 3 years ago I brought a Fuji (hard Persimon) which h..3955 days 4hrs
Blueberry - Hi Steph, I paid for 6 blueberry cuttings. My last email from Shanesmagicland was October -since then EBAY erased all records of him from my Computer. For the last 4 weeks I have been emailing EBAY (Astrid) for any communication advice and after 5 futile..3971 days 1hrs

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