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66's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/09/09 Updated: 19/09/09 Frost:
Location: MELBOURNE,3000,VIC

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66 Forum Contributions
Ulluco harvest ullucus tuberosus - Hello Fay, is it possible to get some tubers? I would like to give them a try..317 days 17hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Thanks, I'll do it..2124 days 12hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Hello, I bought a Hass avocado tree back in autumn but I haven't been able to plant it. Would it be ok to plant it in the ground now that we are in spring? By the way I'm in Melbourne ..2124 days 15hrs
Dwarf avacado trees - Hello, I am in Melbourne and would like to grow some Hass avocado, is there a dwarf hass available?..2581 days 3hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Thanks Jason, I don't have much space so I think I'll go Hass. The bunnings I went to is in Box Hill..2659 days 6hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Hi, I've just been to bunnings this weekend and saw lots of avocado plants (hass, bacon, reed, etc). The guy there told they are self-pollinating, is this info correct? By the way I'm in Melbourne..2662 days 8hrs
Bare rooted apple trees - Ive got an apple tree here in Melbourne. I purchased it last year and it grew quite a bit. We are already in winter and it hasn't lost its leaves. Is that right? Very few leaves turned a bit yellow. I thought that would be because I haven't fertilized i..2925 days 16hrs
Problems with tomatoes1 - Thanks everyone, there were lots of things I did not know. Things are getting better now, they are still a bit yellow but I think it has stopped... and hopefully they will be green again.....3477 days 4hrs
Problems with tomatoes1 - I gave them good potting mix, and added "Tomato and Vegetable Starter Fertiliser" from Brunnings (granules) when they were flowering and they grew very well but then they stopped once hot weather got here. I just have tried again, and see how it goes.....3481 days 4hrs
Problems with tomatoes1 - I have a problem with my tomatoes. Some leaves are turning yellow, dry out and then the whole stem comes off. Do you know what causes it and how to solve it? Thanks..3485 days 3hrs
Problems with tomatoes - I have started to notice that some leaves are turning yellow then they dry out and then the whole stem comes off. Do you know what can cause this and how to solve it? Thanks..3485 days 3hrs
Blueberry - Thanks saxman. But I've got some bad news, something has been eating my blueberries. I havent even tasted one. I think they might be snails as the berries are netted. The same happened with some strawberries until I moved them around. There are some berr..3486 days 4hrs
Blueberry - So do you recommend fertilizing right now? I have never done it before and I've got the plants since August..3495 days 4hrs
Cherry tomatoes - Well I'll leave as they are, but do you think I should transplant them at some time?..3498 days 6hrs
Cherry tomatoes - Thanks Brad. Now I know why my other tomatoes are suffering.... (they get yellow leaves and the stem ends up dead after a week or so)..3498 days 6hrs

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