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Elf's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Albury

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Elf Forum Contributions
What is potash and tell me why - Thank you very much, I appreciate the indepth answer, it certainly has helped educate me :) Thanks again :)..4615 days 15hrs
What is potash and tell me why - Potash. I keep reading about it here and am very interested. What is it Why do I want it What will it do for my plants Why is it so expensive I really do plan on buying some, but I need more info. I was going to ask where do I get it, but I found..4616 days 10hrs
I need some rhubarb advice - I bought some Rhubarb seedlings a couple of months ago and put them in a styro box until they are big enough to go somewhere more permanent. First the earwigs ate all the leaves, so I covered them with soft drink bottles and the leaves have re-emerged..4618 days 14hrs
Ants in nectarine fruit - No probs, hope it helps. I have started saving my tin cans so I can put some earwig enticing liquids in them. Awful problem...4618 days 15hrs
Free fruit trees in public places - Great idea, I'm a strong supporter of that concept. Straggly bottlebrush street trees look super unsightly and humungous gums street trees can be dangerous. I know native trees are important and all, but koalas don't dwell in street trees, though Magpi..4622 days 11hrs

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