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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Joined: 20/10/09 Updated: 20/10/09 Frost:
Location: Bendigo

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Gus1 Forum Contributions
Dwarf bananas - Hi Try these Bananas. They are dwarf and cool climate friendly. http://humphris.com.au/html/coolbanana/coolbananasoverview.html there's even a red one..3155 days 9hrs
Pinkabelle apple tree - I'd suggest removing all the apples now. Your tree is only young, it's best you remove the fruit so the tree still concenttrates it's engery into building the root system. ..3155 days 9hrs
New home orchard - Oh, and you can get free straw and some manure from the show grounds. Also free manure from some of the horse trainers. the local nurseries are useful. ..3308 days 6hrs
New home orchard - I live in Bendigo, 4 years now. My backyard has some fantastics citrus trees, almond trees, apricot. Stone fruit such as apricot are more difficult to manage. The citrus are easy to grow. I also have some Plums, but they have boarers at th..3308 days 6hrs
Self wicking pots for trees - Hi everyone. I have been seen "Self wicking" garden beds in the media a bit recently on Costa's Odessy and on you tube. Eveything I seen only refers to using them with vegetable. I like the idea in regards to vegetables. I'd like to use win ..3377 days 1hrs
Acca sellowiana feijoa - whoa, there's another gus here. I've even been to Bruthen, I used to work near Paynesville...3420 days 2hrs
Lotsa lemons not fruiting - Do you mean the small plastic pot from the nursery? How long has it been in that pot for? Perhaps try a larger pot and newer potting mix..3441 days 0hrs
Would you buy younger plants or older - If you have specific prunning requirments then a younger tree maybe helpful. Otherwise, it's not much of an issue for me...3504 days 5hrs
Help whats wrong with my pinkabelle - is it dry and crispy? then it could sub burn ..3504 days 5hrs
Whats this in the fork of my - I agree, you have Borers. I currently have them in one of my plum trees. I have been using wire for 6 months. It has done some good. But I still have some to kill. I'm keen to spray something, however I was under the impression there wasn't much..3509 days 21hrs
Nectarine tree - It sounds as though you are suggesting that the rootstock variety overtoook the tree grafted ontop. If you'd said this prior to pulling out the tree then my advice would just to have been to prune of the shoots from the rootstock. I suppose now i..3527 days 21hrs
No mess tomatoes - But Wayne, didn't you buy them? The concept of them sounds hideous. It would seem to be a clever way to market dry tomatoes...3531 days 20hrs
Silverbeet how tall - The older leaves at the base of the silver beet in the photo are still ok to eat. The younger leaves that have come after going to seed are bitter. Still edible I suppose if cooked. They are every much like trees...3542 days 20hrs
Silverbeet how tall - My silverbeet has been wonderful and very colourful. It's the first vegies I've ever planted since primary school. It's been fun and rewarding watching them thrive and eat the produce. They are currently going to seed and are over 2 m tall. T..3543 days 24hrs
Question - sorry. I miss read your post. I thought I read the term "lots of lemons" In any case I would still describe the tree as being a double grafted citrus tree., Again, assuming you're not asking for a hybrid fuit..3546 days 1hrs

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