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Myllika's Edible Backyard

Joined: 06/11/09 Updated: 06/11/09 Frost:
Location: Nairne Adelaide Hills

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Soanum capsicoides devils apple - Hi Ruth, I have it on good authority from horticultural trained woman that the kangaroo apple will not be harmful or toxic to the eggplant as you are only using it as a root stock - so it is perfectly harmless and ok to use . I am going to give it a go..3181 days 8hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - Hi Ruth how did you go trying the Kangaroo Apple as a root stock for eggplant did you try like you said you were going to? was it successful? any down sides to using the K apple such as toxic? or is it ok? cheers love to know how it went..3188 days 12hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - Ruth you and I must of read the same book I am also loking for cockroach berry plant/cutting have you been successful what about Kath's suggestion is it feasable...3209 days 15hrs

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