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Micarle's Edible Backyard

Joined: 22/12/09 Updated: 22/12/09 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Micarle Forum Contributions
Plant id2 - Kinda looks like a cercis ..1408 days 5hrs
What is this17 - Looks like Ficus pumilla ..1612 days 16hrs
Ifentify a tree - caster oil plant..1618 days 12hrs
Bush turkeys - Lyre birds!!! Very persistent..1991 days 14hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap1 - Got some spare: Eugenia victoriana Eugenia Stipitata Pouteria lucuma I'm after some: Illicium verum Myrciaria vexator Annona salzmannii Got some other Annona on the way but not..2208 days 4hrs
Identify flower - Kigelia africana..2210 days 3hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Those plants pictured would have been grow in a heated area! I had one a few years ago but it didn't survive winter in the foothills of the blue mtns. I got it from a grower in Cairns..2216 days 13hrs
Rock passionfruit - passiflora maliformis also has a very hard shell..2286 days 12hrs
Gibberellic acid1 - Pheonix seeds used to sell it..2419 days 2hrs
Amelanchier and sweetberry - Yamina may have the Amelanchier..2488 days 16hrs
Figs cuttings - What in particular are you after?..2500 days 10hrs
Kwai muk artocarpus hypargyraeus - Joy the the single old tree is just outside the Gardens shop next to a large Rollinia you can't miss it.. there is only two trees in that bed.....2538 days 4hrs
Kwai muk artocarpus hypargyraeus - There is a really nice old tree in the syd bot gardens! The fruit tastes ok..2538 days 9hrs
Dwarf fig tree - Don't bother spraying it because its leaves are about to fall of for winter! Have a look at it in spring and if it needs spraying do it!..2541 days 9hrs
What is it4 - Maclura pomifera. Osage-orange or Horse Apple. ..2541 days 9hrs

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