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Aaron's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/12/09 Updated: 27/12/09 Frost:
Location: Perth NOR

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Aaron Forum Contributions
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Hi Lian, There is info on my 02 October 2012 post. Cheers..1998 days 13hrs
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Hi Dida, In the middle of summer, you can try the flea market at Girrawheen carpark on Saturday mornings. That is where I got mine last year. Cheers..2091 days 10hrs
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Yes, the cold has turn some of the leaves yellowish. I have been bringing it out during the day and back in, in the evening. Hopefully that will help! Incidentally, I bought mine from the Newpark flea market in Girrawheen...2138 days 10hrs
Asparagus - Hi Amanda, From what I have read (no practical experience as yet), keep on harvesting until they start to sprout thinner than a pencil! Thereafter it is time to stop and let it re-energise. I have just planted the crowns this winter and very fine..2483 days 5hrs
Rude food2 - Good one Amanda!..2523 days 6hrs
Tips for raising seeds - Great idea Charles! Thanks. Having various ideas in my head to propogate seeds. Will execute and let you all know the results! ..2580 days 5hrs
Mini greenhouses now at bunnies - Thanks for the heads up! Will try it this winter. Cheers!..2587 days 9hrs
Grape vine pruning - Thanks Brad! Appreciate it...2602 days 14hrs
How can i stop slugs eating my - Thanks for the info above. Was just about to ask the forum on how to get rid of the slaters. They have been chewing off my aloe vera leaf stalk. Cheers!..2637 days 7hrs
Fig fruits not maturing - Hi Soori, When you said it doesn't mature, does it drop off still undeveloped? If so, it may be lack of water. Mine was like that in the first year until I watered it everyday. Hope the above helps!..2670 days 9hrs
Pandanus amaryllifolius - Hi tecko, Will try to locate the asian shop that you've mentioned this weekend! Thanks for the info...2848 days 9hrs
What is your favourite variety of each - My fav fruits so far (I've only been here since Apr 2008) : Plum - Kelsey/Greengage. Sweet even with skin on! Pear - Beurre Bosc. Just love the vanilla tingle with every crunchy bite. Fig - White Genoa. Own tree Nectarine/Peach - White flesh ..2867 days 0hrs
Figs yellow soft and inpalatable - Hi, I have planted my White Adriatic fig in a pot. It did produce fruit early last summer but like au0rey's, it was dry inside and unedible. The second crop (late summer) was better when I watered it more often. It was pink inside and the flesh wa..2917 days 23hrs
Figs yellow soft and inpalatable - Hi au0rey, It could be insufficient watering, I think. That's what to mine a few months' back but it did not change colour to all yellow. It was still green with slight yellow when it fell. I did the same thing like you and cut into half and it wa..3044 days 9hrs
Saved my persimmon - Congrats Harro!..3048 days 14hrs

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