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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Avocado39 - "you have no guarantee it will grow true to the parent...it will need five to seven years before it starts to produce. At the end, the odds that your tree will produce fruit are small"..1052 days 3hrs
Papaya4 - Thanks Al, much appreciated..1767 days 22hrs
Papaya4 - Does anyone with experience know if I lop a papaya tree off half way down (ie there will be no leaves) will it grow back. I saw one example of this on the internet but thought i would get confirmation from others first. thanks..1767 days 23hrs
Carob tree3 - carobs are dioecious so it is unlikely you have a hermaphrodite from bunnings unless it is stated specifically..2054 days 4hrs
Dying horse radish tree - even if the plant above ground dies off it should send a new shoot up from the root when the weather is warmer. they really don't like cold weather until they are established...2081 days 22hrs
Quarantine charges happening ner you - here is some more info http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-06-25/buying-seeds-through-the-post-will-cost-more/4779770?section=wa..2213 days 22hrs
Help save my hass - I use cheap beach umbrellas to get plants through summer until they are established. They are good investments...2350 days 2hrs
Sapote5 - Hi Alan, you forgot the type eg black, white etc ..2404 days 5hrs
Chilean guava ugni molinae - try calling this nursery in Sth Freo, they have had them in the past 9335 4996..2441 days 22hrs
Dwarf low chill cherry - Hi Gus, getting it also, been pretty cold in Perth lately, might explain it...2550 days 2hrs
Dwarf low chill cherry - Commiserations Wazz, I agree, if Flemings have the supply they will be common place next year. No worries Gus, I'm glad you got yours, it wouldn't have felt right after mentioning it here and then being the only one to get one. I think mine will..2574 days 2hrs
Chinese water chestnuts - diggers will have them in a couple of months http://www.diggers.com.au/shop/product/PWACH/WATER%20CHESTNUT.aspx ..2577 days 20hrs
Dwarf low chill cherry - Hi WB/Guss, I got mine from O'Connor, as that is the closest. Anyway I spoke to Flemings and they said that it wasn't on a dwarfing rootstock. To me it isn't a big issue. I have some stone fruit as dwarfs and others I just prune more...2579 days 6hrs
Dwarf low chill cherry - Hi Gus, I know what you mean. Until it is banked there is always a level of doubt. Yep, it is a double graft. There is nothing on the info sheet describing the rootstock but I was told by Dawsons it wasn't a dwarf. Probably should ring Flemings to confir..2580 days 1hrs
Dwarf low chill cherry - Hi Gus, yeah I picked mine up the other day. When I originally posted here I had only just called and you rang not long after. So in theory you should be next in line. Remind them of this if you have to call again. Sorry it has become a hassle...2580 days 3hrs

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