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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

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Joined: 14/01/10 Updated: 14/01/10 Frost:
Location: Texas

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Psycloud1 Forum Contributions
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - It has tiny soft hairs on the top few leafs, I suppose that is so it can climb later...3382 days 12hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - Well, to keep everyone updated on the sprouts, about a month ago I planted my cold stratified seeds that I had in the fridge for 2 months. I now have about 30 little vines that have started growing, and still more keep popping up out of the soil. So aft..3382 days 12hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - I am not sure, I have only tried the fruit once in my life, and have never seen them again, which is why I ordered seeds online, and I have searched and searched the web for information on how to grow them from "seeds" and have found hardly anything abo..3440 days 11hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - Well, it was a surprise for me today, I had another sprout come up, but this time it was in the pot which has the seeds that I boiled for 3 seconds, and those were only planted about 4 weeks ago, which is much better than the 4 months, but to know for sur..3444 days 10hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - Well, I got my first sprout today from the Hardy kiwi seeds I planted, and it took about 4 months to sprout, it was in the in my test pot of hardy kiwi seeds which I planted about 4 months ago, without cold stratification, but with the whole fruit, as in,..3445 days 14hrs
Tree killing poison - Well, I had a cousin who had some Oleanders in her yards that she wanted to get rid of, and she chopped them all down and used a mulch machine and turned them all into mulch, and then she placed the mulch around all of the oak trees in her yard (these oak..3461 days 8hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - Well, I have now placed some of my hardy kiwi seeds in the fridge, I'll leave them in there a few months and we will try that as well. Its a good thing I did not put all the seeds in the plane potting mix, nor the tea strainer in the boiling water for 3..3463 days 13hrs
Kiwiberry hardy kiwifruit - Just the other day I tried boiling them for 3 seconds, and I have planted them, we will see what happens. Ken..3474 days 8hrs

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