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Free mulch - In our area of Melbourne tree mulch is $100-$200 a truckload and there is often a waiting list. The only guys that seem to give it away for free is the local council when they come past to prune the street trees.... and then you have to be quick to beat ..4453 days 9hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Well sorry but I still dont "get it". If the wikipedia page says "All Hass avocado trees have been grown from seeds (or were grafted from the cuttings) of a single tree which was grown from a seed purchased in 1926 from A. R. Rideout of Whittier, C..4504 days 12hrs
Asparagus - I know asparagus like to be mulched like crazy - how do you go about this without digging them up or burying them under the topsoil/mulch? i.e if the bed is inplace for 10-20 years - then the soil level will get higher and higher... do you dig them up an..4504 days 12hrs
Growing avocado in melbourne - Oh :( I've been nursing along seedlings from Hass seeds that grew in my compost. Can you explain *why* a Hass seed doesnt grow into a Hass avocado?..4507 days 1hrs
Veggie garden - I just bought two pallets of concrete "Besser" blocks. My decision making was to be as eco-friendly as possible and went a bit like this: Treated Pine (ACC) - too toxic. Long term disposal as landfill so not acceptable. EcoWood (non-toxic treated..4512 days 11hrs

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