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John Mc's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

John Mc Forum Contributions
Gac fruit anyone - A little bit more on Gac, actually just about everything you want to know: http://www.gac-seeds.com/ Anyone growing it?..3204 days 20hrs
Black sapote seeds - ohhh Phil, I'd love to get some, do you still have my addy? I struck several cuttings last year and are growing well. Do cutting grown black sapotes have wind stability problems like other cutting grown trees because they are from cuttings V's graft..3205 days 24hrs
Gac fruit anyone - Exerpt from the net: "Gac fruit is the Vietnamese super food that delivers powerful antioxidant health benefits and is quickly growing in one of the favorites in Western diets for people that want to eat foods that fuel their bodies with the most abun..3207 days 19hrs
Onion weed - Any problems with the machine oil contaminating the soil Stuart? Would Olive oil or other vegetable oil be just as effective?..3209 days 22hrs
Lots a lemons debudding - Beautiful looking tree there Max. If it's part ornamental, I'd consider spraying with some ag oil, like Pest oil or eco-oil to keep the citrus leaf miner away. They make the new growth look knarled and twisted and ugly. ..3210 days 2hrs
Pea eggplant seeds - Paddy's addy is still there Phil. I just noticed it while I was reading the older posts: guidetogo@yahoo.com ..3210 days 20hrs
Happy weekend everyone - Yeah, and the Australian Springtime Floral Festival is on this weekend as well. Up at the Kariong Gardens near Gosford. I went yesterday, Thursday, instead of the usual Saturday treck every year. You get to meet Graham Ross and Don Burke if you're kee..3210 days 21hrs
Avocado23 - A complete fertilizer is just a generic term for a fertilizer that has all the vital elements in one formulation, ie, contains NPK as well as all the minor trace elements. It doesn't matter if it's for roses or citrus, as long as it is "complete"...3215 days 20hrs
Avocado23 - My humble opinion is that they are screaming out for nutrients. The leaves are rigid but have lost all their colour. A definate N deficiency. They normally don't recommend to feed avo's before fruiting because it affects the fruit in different ways. But..3215 days 20hrs
Didthe wind affect anyone today - I've never seen it blow this hard. One tree fell over my lady finger banana's and downed three quarters of my crop. Another large tree fell right over and into the dam. I couldn't believe how the root ball was non existent. Then another was looking v..3215 days 21hrs
Wine grapes hervey bay - I bought a "bronze" muscadine from them earlier this year. I trimmed it back to 3 buds which left me with a reasonable amount of cutting material. Hopefully the cuttings will strike. Are these self fertile?..3215 days 21hrs
Tomatos - They are also the only people, as far as I can find, that stock the rapid red watermelon. http://www.kingsseeds.co.nz/shop/Vegetables/Alpha+Search+for+Vegetables/Veges+T+to+Z/Watermelon+Rapid+Red+F18707.html?id=sprPbR76&mv_pc=s My ol man swears by th..3216 days 19hrs
Figs1 - So... don't your figs normally loose their leaves over winter Amanda? That just looks like stubborn leaves that haven't fallen off yet. They really shouldn't be on there at this time of the year anyway. If it's worrying you, you could spray with som..3218 days 19hrs
Elusive palms - Well, there you go. I've never heard of it before either. My 3 metre long cutting is doing alright atm. Little leaves are popping up all along the buried runner. ..3218 days 19hrs
Cuttings from subtropicals - I think Acerolas should be good now before the new flush. I'm about to take some Hardwood cuttings myself. Guavas might be a little more difficult. Have you tried air layering or marcotting? that would be a sure way. Or you could sever some roots and s..3218 days 23hrs

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