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Gus's Edible Backyard

Joined: 12/04/10 Updated: 12/04/10 Frost:
Location: North Beach

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Gus Forum Contributions
Okinawa sweet potato - Hi. Has anyone had any luck growing okinawan sweet potato ? I would love to source some and wondered how they would grow in Perth?..743 days 5hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - I am impressed. I have tried this so many times and it doesnt take. Normally i take a v cleft and put a scion of about 10cm in the top but after so many attempts i have given up. This looks like a different kind of graft. Any tips ?..1001 days 19hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - I have tried to do a few more but they have not really survived either. I have generally cut a slice down the root stock, neatly cut a V shape on the scion and wrapped it all together with grafting tape. Whether to put a plastic bag over it or not is stil..1768 days 15hrs
Soanum capsicoides devils apple - I Haven't been on the forum for a while, so sorry to ignore you Omero. I have had very little success grafting eggplant. Out of the ten or so I have attempted only one lasted....for a while. Perhaps I will have better luck trying in Summer? Perhaps i..1786 days 7hrs
Bisexual pawpaw - When you say yellow do you mean babaco mike? Am I right saying all babaco are bisexual? ..1918 days 5hrs
Babaco - Hi Does anyone in Perth have a any babaco trees they may like to sell? Cheers..1937 days 13hrs
Feijoa fruit problems1 - Hey Michael, was wondering if you use the little individual bags or a big tree covering bag? I have also had problems with feijoa turning brown from the inside out and assumed it was more about climate as I expected you would see fruit fly if they were ..1969 days 16hrs
Plant my jiro persimmon tree - plant it now. I always think a little autumnal root development seems to put you in good stead for the warmer months ..1980 days 3hrs
Urban foraging - Hi all, I just wanted to share this: http://permaculturewest.org.au/resources/pw-edible-weeds-and-foraging-around-perth.pdf I have tried the sculpit and was pleasantly surprised. Still a bit weird eating something out of a foot path. Are there a..1982 days 17hrs
Feijoa fruit problems1 - You should try covering the fruit with the little organza bags you can get on ebay which will keep the critters away. I have read recently that feijoa are best picked hard then left to soften for a couple of weeks. So far I don't have fruit fly, but I ha..1982 days 17hrs
Feijoas for cooler places - I honestly believe that very few people have even heard of feijoas. I had never heard of them until a couple of years ago and am now completely hooked. They are truly exquisite. My two trees have produced a few fruit but I think the hot perth sun cooks th..1985 days 18hrs
Beginner needs help soil preparation - Does anyone have a favourite soil merchant in the metro area? Any luck with soils ain't soils?..1987 days 14hrs
Concord grapes1 - thanks for the interesting info. I am dissappointed they aren't as great as the yanks seem to think. Don't think I will bother then...1998 days 12hrs
Concord grapes1 - really?, I thought that they had a delicious grapey flavour? That sounds dissapointing..1998 days 16hrs
Concord grapes1 - Has anyone out there got any concord grape cuttings that they would like to sell? Not easy to find!..1999 days 5hrs

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