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Roger's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: canberra

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Roger Forum Contributions
Rasberry bushes - my raspberry bush has suddenly shot out tons of runners and was not sure what to do with them so just left them but should i pull them out?..4997 days 6hrs
Passionfruit - i cant remember were the can was from but im fairly surprised to it lasted all winter out side bu out of frost andat one point got to -7 here this winter but have fears that its a blue crown passionfruit i have heard that the nellie kelly passionfruits g..4998 days 3hrs
Passionfruit - i have raised some kind of passionfruit just got a bunk of seeds out of canned passion fruit but not sure what kind it is it is now strting to get5 lobed leafs but the first ones are egg shaped and the middle ones are 3 lobed does anyboy know what type it..5000 days 5hrs
Pineapples - i just planted the top and i have placed it under a shade cover to keep away frost thanks you all i hope i can at least get it growing but will probly die of frost any way but still fun..5085 days 5hrs
Pineapples - does any body know how to grow pineapple? do you get seeds or plant the tops or is there some other way?..5086 days 10hrs

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