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Liane's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Gardening in perth sands - From memory the 16sqm for soil solver was only if you treated to 10cm down, so you actually need about 3x that if you are doing it properly (to 30cm deep). Add some eco-prime mineral rock dust to the bentonite/spongolite/zeolite mix and I think you wo..3989 days 8hrs
Gardening in perth sands - Was at woodvale fish & lily farm today, they had bags of zeolite (10kg) and spongelite (15kg) both for $16 each. Woolworths has 15kg bags of clumping kitty litter (bentonite) for $5.75..4058 days 5hrs
Pinkabelle apple tree - Woodbridge in Tasmania now sends Apples to WA - quite reasonable as well, picked up 5 @ $26 each, $21 for posting and another $15 for spraying. http://www.woodbridgefruittrees.com.au So there are a few more options for tree's...4290 days 17hrs
New dwarf nectarines x - Any idea of chill hours for any of these - I noticed the Crimson Baby which is apparently from California (Fresno I think it said) and the Tuscany was a French nectarine. But no mention of chill hours (something sadly missing from the PlantNet labels)..4409 days 7hrs

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