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Dan's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: smithfield

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Partially organic - thanks for the help fruitlovermyles...2449 days 10hrs
Partially organic - fruitlovermyles, you're referring to Bio-Dynamic agriculture? again, i disagree with the legalities of using "partial" in the expression. i dont know of any human, biological being, who's part robot aswell. so it's either organic or it isn..2451 days 11hrs
Partially organic - Agreed Sternus1. It's self-defeating. Either it is - or - it isn't. BJ, No. When I first came across the expression, I was looking at Pumello trees (citrus) ..2452 days 1hrs
Partially organic - could someone please define this? i've just noticed the "partially organic" tag in some areas of the site when buying fruit trees. i'm unsure what this encompasses exactly. does this refer to its genetics? thankyou. Daniel. ..2452 days 7hrs
When will my new nectarine tree flower - great information. really appreciative Brain. ive done as you said and pruned just above trunk. its the first time ive owned peach/nect and pears, so still learning. fingers crossed it all comes along well. thanks for your advice and time. Dan. ..2604 days 1hrs

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Partially organic - i am only starting mike so i only know so much. but i know brewed compost tea is used and sprayed alot on trees and plants when the sun is not out as it gives a waxy flim and protects from bugs and can have added organic fertilizers in with it so th..Liked Answer 2449 days 10hrs
Partially organic - hi dan i basically mean the methods that are certified for organic growers and biodynamic growers. which even a home grower can do now these days with nurseries stocking more true certified organic products not say its organic and has no organic symbo..Liked Answer 2449 days 10hrs

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