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Melissa5's Edible Backyard

Joined: 04/10/10 Updated: 04/10/10 Frost:
Location: North Curl Curl NSW

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Melissa5 Forum Contributions
Panama red passionfruit1 - Have you tried hand pollinating? I don't get any (many) self set fruit - no bees about, and have been hand pollinating for 3 years and have had fantastic success this year! Have had 4 ripe fruit already and many more to come...... it stopped flowering ..2391 days 19hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Thanks Brendan, the Misty Gem didn't survive the mega dose of Potash :-( it died and I now have a vacant space. I'd love to plant a Sunshine Special but can not find one any where. How is everyone else's passionfruit going? I've been busy pol..2397 days 21hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hi all, Passionfruits flowering well, hand pollinating the Nelly Kelly Black again, lots of set fruit. The elusive Misty Gem has some fruit on it!!! Set by itself.... It has been flowering now for 12 months. I was surprised when I went out a couple o..2464 days 17hrs
Pruning passionfruit - HI all, It's been awhile, nothing to report. My fruit ripened early! M-I-L froze the whole lot of two weeks of ripe fruit while we were away during January whole in their skin - I don't like very much how the skin goes soggy when thawing out... ..2572 days 15hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hand pollinating is definitely a winner for me; Our Nelly Kelly Black produced 100's of fruit this summer. Was all gone weeks ago now. Thou my MIL froze 5-6 shopping bags full that ripened in the 2 weeks we were away early January. The earlier I hand ..2653 days 2hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hey Wazza; that's great to plant a new one every year if you've got the space :-) my yard is a big as you've seen in my pictures previously posted: ie the kids playground is in the middle of the yard; the steps up the the grass is also the middle. The..2763 days 1hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hey Peter; if I could do my passionfruit set up again :-) I would. Google passionfruit trellis on the internet and have a look as some, better still on one of daley's forums there's a professional grower's pictures in (remind me Amanda) somewhere ov..2763 days 1hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Had my 2nd passionfruit ripen and fall from the vine :-P the first was just larger than a grape and had one seed in it LOL and the second was slightly larger; about the size of a walnut! But was full of seeds. Was a little tart but I like them like that...2764 days 12hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hey Amanda, I wasn't saying that growing anything was bad; I just don't so I can find the fruit and that when I fertilise it goes to the passionfruit vine and not weeds etc.... I was more trying to point out that disturbing the roots by forking in..2773 days 5hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hey Peter, Don't disturb the root system too much; they don't like it.... Just clear a garden bed for your vine; I don't have anything planted in the garden bed my vines are growing in apart from a Gum Tree in the corner; which was there before I..2773 days 12hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hi Au0rey, The Nelly Kelly (the second lot of photos is all one vine) I'll take some more photos and post later; I actually thought I'd killed it with kindness last year..... and removing too many leaves! but it's come back. I've trained it alon..2777 days 2hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Grafted Nelly Kelly Black Pic #1: Vine growing under pergola Pic #2: Vine growing along brick wall to the left of the garden bed Pic #3: Vine growing above main trunk and outside edge of pergola Pic #4 - 10, : Various close up shots of maturing fruit ..2777 days 17hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Misty Gem Vine Lonely fruit; few and far between..2777 days 17hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Misty Gem Vine Lonely fruit; few and far between..2777 days 18hrs
Pruning passionfruit - Hey Brendan; What do you use as a wetting agent? I'm still having no luck with the Misty Gem, it has loads of flowers though only a few set fruit. The grafted Nelly Kelly Black is going berserk; has what looks like 100's of fruit; still getting 10..2777 days 18hrs

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