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Hayden1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 25/10/10 Updated: 25/10/10 Frost:
Location: Central coast nsw

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Hayden1 Forum Contributions
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - Bunnings have the trees. Is that what you are after or are you looking for fruit..3133 days 24hrs
Fruit fly control - Ah ok. Should I be getting rid of them or are they ok to have around...3133 days 24hrs
Fruit fly control - I thought fruit fly as they are the same as the ones that foy around my fruit bowl. My compost is layered fruit soil news paper and grass clippings. Are there any natural ways to get rid of them with out harming any good bugs I'n the conpost...3134 days 1hrs
Fruit fly control - How can I get rid of the fruit fly I'n my compost bin? I went out today to put some fruit scraps I'n and it was filled with them. I add scaps and then cover with news paper dirt and grass clippings. If anyone could help it would be appreciated...3134 days 2hrs
Black sapote1 - Hi, does this tree need full sun or part shade. Will it grow I'n a large pot? I know you can get them from whey nursery for $30 but they are seedlings. Does anyone know how long they will take to fruit?? Thanks...3136 days 22hrs
Kaffir lime2 - You use the rind of the fruit as well don't you?..3137 days 13hrs
Lemon and lime trees - Azailia for a bit of nitrogen. Found a bag of it in the garage and thought I could save a bit of money. I use it because season apparently has no nitrogen witch citrus like. Please correct me if I am wrong. I do the same for my mandarin which is flowerin..3139 days 21hrs
Blueberry - So you can buy blueberries at this time? I haven't been able to find any but I might need to look at the markets...3143 days 13hrs
Fruit trees in pots - Did you have your pot off the ground?? How old is your black sapote?? Are you expecting fruit? Or Is it to early ..3143 days 21hrs
Herbs - My new herb pot is looking great! I used a clam shell splash pool that I picked up off the side of the road. I used all of my old herbs and the potting mix from their pots. Total cost = zero! My cooking will be tasting and smelling amazing. I have mint Ro..3143 days 22hrs
Fruit trees in pots - Unfourtanantly this part of the forum seems to have slowed. Unfourtunant as this is how I discovered the site. Has anyone grown black spate I'n a pot? Any special requirements. I might buy it this weekend if I get around to it.!..3143 days 22hrs
Bath tub ponds - Missed a bathtub lying I'n a front yard today. Was just about to pull up after driving by several times throuought the day to ask about it but it had been sold before I finally decided to ask! :( maybe next time...3143 days 22hrs
Grapes for dummies - A step closer to my trellis. I bought 15meters of thick wire for my grapes and I am going to get two star posts 1.8meters. I was considering buying recycled plastic posts of the same height ( I saw the same things used in vineyards on landline). But I was..3143 days 22hrs
Lemon and lime trees - The leaves are pointing straight up not curling at all. I feed with seasol often and azailia fertilizer...3146 days 12hrs
Lemon and lime trees - Hi, after all this rain today I've noticed all of the leaves of my potted Tahitian lime tree have all began pointing upwards. Can anyone explain this to me. Thanks ..3146 days 24hrs

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