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T J's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Dubbo

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

T J Forum Contributions
Bacterial disease on stone fruit - Hydrogen peroxide - more details please Amanada - do you use it straight dillute it with something else etc? Thanks ..2254 days 19hrs
Cherry tree help1 - Looks like I've now got the same thing in one of my cherry trees (only about 3 years old) - but I might be able to chop it all out as it is all in one branch above the graft. When is the best time to cut of the affected branch? What is the best way ..2254 days 19hrs
Fruit fly control - BAZ131 - I'd say the VegeNet will last exactly the same as the Gazebo nets - seems like the same stuff. Might even last longer being white. I know Bunnings discontinued the Gazebo & Umbrella nets - I have heard of some camping places having something ..2489 days 13hrs
Fruit fly control - BAZ131 - I got Vege Net from NetPro - much cheaper than the Insect Screen they sell - same stuff as used in the Gazebo nets except white. It worked out more economical then buying extra gazebo nets to cut up to fill the holes. However, I do think the Inse..2509 days 13hrs
Fruit fly control - Has anyone had any experience with vegenet as opposed to insect screen25/25 from NetPro? Which is the most durable? I have given up wasting my time and money with sprays and baits. Nettting is the way to go. I make a frame with star posts and electrica..2850 days 22hrs

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