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Prickles's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: GOULBURN

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Prickles Forum Contributions
Patio lime - Brain .. I googled the Wall-O-Water. They only protect to -8c. Apart from the extremely low temperature, there was also an almighty frost that night. As well as my brick north & west facing walls, the whole area is paved with industrial depth concret..1054 days 10hrs
Patio lime - Both my Patio and Kaffir Limes are looking decidedly sad at the moment. Our recent -10 degrees night burnt off most of the leaves, but still some green leaves against the wall. Sadder still was the fate of the lovely little limes that were still on the ..1054 days 10hrs
Patio lime - A bit tired of starting off new lemon grass plants every year so am currently experimenting with one of last year's plants. Trimmed back the leaves, covered the entire plant with autumn leaves, made a bamboo tripod to fit over it all, and wrapped up the ..1080 days 17hrs
Persimmon10 - I bought a Persimmon a few years ago from Daleys - the label blew away and can't remember the astringent variety but, according to Daleys, was suitable for my Southern Tablelands (aka frosty) location. I purchased it in winter but left it in its pot wh..1082 days 22hrs
Patio lime - Many thanks to all who offered advice. My little tree held its bumper crop and, after a bit of experimentation, daughter and I decided a garlic press was the way to juice them. She made a Keylime pie which was so delicious that I followed her up with a ..1082 days 22hrs

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