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Prickles starts with ...
I bought a Persimmon a few years ago from Daleys - the label blew away and can't remember the astringent variety but, according to Daleys, was suitable for my Southern Tablelands (aka frosty) location.

I purchased it in winter but left it in its pot while I preparing a new garden area. It produced a couple of leaves the following season, but they fell off and I thought it had died. I held onto it, watering when necessary, etc. No leaves the following season but, bugger me, it sprouted leaves the next season and held them.
Planted it out - it spent the following season growing and this year produced its first (lone) fruit. Left it on the tree until it was well coloured, then picked it to leave on the kitchen bench until it was delightfully squishy. And it was absolutely delicious! I ate it very slowly, savouring every mouthful.

A good feed, mulch, tender love and care and next year I'm hoping for more than one.

Thank you, Daleys, for supplying one of life's joys.
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15th June 2017 8:56am
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