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Joined: 10/03/11 Updated: 10/03/11 Frost:
Location: Perth

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Peter36 Forum Contributions
Acha cha fruit seeds - Is this cultivar very different from any of the plants in Bolivia? I can only sympathize with real breeders who spend buckets of money into the development of their unique cultivar and want to get a good return for the effort and costs.....2677 days 7hrs
Cherry guavas - ...and no signs of fruit fly! Are you doing something against fruit fly or do they stay out?..2681 days 10hrs
Cherry guavas - Hi Brendan, thanks for offering. I will try WA first as interstate is troublesome in regards to quarantine. ..2683 days 3hrs
Cherry guavas - Hi Brendan, thanks for the picture. Yes, as Mike says, I would also say P. guinense (=Brazil guava). Happy feast! Mike and you thinks, they are nicer tasting than the common guava and what an advantage that the fruit fly is less interested in them compa..2685 days 7hrs
New lychee variety - Wow! I can't think of a bigger advancement in new cultivars. This fruit tree forum really helps to know the newest things. Soon someone will tell us about the taste, I am sure. Thanks for bringing this up, Brendan...2688 days 20hrs
Wampee problem - Alright...Thanks Amanda. The size of my sapodilla is comparable - I will hope for next year.....2690 days 0hrs
New lychee variety - Diploid, low proportion of good chance seedlings...Makes this story of the giant lychee really interesting. Unfortunately I can't access this magazine. Are there any more details in there? Is it maybe a new CSIRO release? ..2690 days 2hrs
New lychee variety - We are so behind in WA. All what's there on the shelves is simply called lychee - no cultivar name. I would have no idea which one it is and the market is so small that there is no motivation to supply top quality to eager customers. They seem to just s..2691 days 5hrs
New lychee variety - I am a bit suspicious with large fruits of new cultivars. Mostly, it goes to cost of flavor. Could be years later, those will finally hit the WA market, so we get a taste as well. ..2691 days 7hrs
Potted fig tree - Its probably fine. From my memory, in Susanna Lyle's book on Fruit trees its mentioned that root pruning will even benefit fig trees. I guess it depends on the amount of roots you will have to cut (maybe provide picture). To be safe you could wait with..2693 days 5hrs
Wampee problem - Amanda, I try to find out where I am standing with my wampee. If not to much trouble, could you get a ruler and measure how thick the trunk is on ground level? Since your sapodilla fruited as well, could you do the same? It might not be such a good ind..2693 days 5hrs
Help looks like i made newbie mistake - Should be fine, db. Fig trees are not vulnerable to the pathogens causing serious root rots. Your plant has full turgor, so no indication that roots are disfunctional. Certainly what you spotted (excellent pictures by the way)is some issue, but minor as..2699 days 20hrs
Cost of peanut butter trees - I got it as a cutting from a friend. Try Tass one trees, I never seen it in Wandilla or Blooming nursery...2700 days 6hrs
Cost of peanut butter trees - No. I got it up to flowering stage, when I killed a shade providing tree in front of the plant (in mid summer). Reflecting back, I can't think of a bigger mistake I could have done!..2700 days 24hrs
Longan1 - Very surprising and encouraging. Looks like longan is very forgiving if the soil is good and when wind protected.....2701 days 0hrs

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