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Doug's Edible Backyard

Joined: 23/03/11 Updated: 23/03/11 Frost:
Location: Wamuran,QLD,4512

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Doug Forum Contributions
Jackfruit tap root - Thanks Manfred. I removed the top 6 inches of the seedling. It does not look well. Another that suffered the same fate looks very well. They are now in metal buckets in the shade for planting out in spring...160 days 7hrs
Jackfruit tap root - I have been growing jackfruit seedlings in very large, but not very sturdy, cardboard tubes. Unfortunately, the tallest (one metre) one's tap root found its way between the patio pavers and I had to cut it off at ground level. Will the tree regrow this o..163 days 4hrs
Jackfruit seedlings - Thank you both. As I have two, I will cut one and leave one. All ten will eventually form a cul-de-sac with a large fig at the end, so the double-trunked one will go at the fig end...525 days 6hrs
Jackfruit seedlings - I recently planted 10 jackfruit seeds. All have germinated and are growing strongly. 2 of them produced 2 shoots each. Should I remove one of the duplicates?..527 days 5hrs
Yellow mangosteen1 - My first flower. The tree is only 1.2m tall with eleven pairs of branches. It survived 8 years in Melbourne, but seems to like the sub-tropics...564 days 8hrs
Jaboticaba4 - My young one did that for the first couple of years. Probably just a maturity thing. We have a 4 metre tall tree that fruits on all the inner branches as well as the trunk...624 days 2hrs
Exclusion netting - I need to cut and join fruit fly exclusion netting. What is the best way of joining the pieces together?..666 days 10hrs
Pear tree with thorns - Here is my tree. The thorns are quite long (over an inch). This is the sum total of this year's crop. Last year there were no fruit. It is possible it is the Bradford cultivar of the Callery pear...814 days 7hrs
Strawberries sprouting - Our strawberry season is in full swing. This one hasn't developed properly, but has sprouted many of its seeds. Any advice on how to propagate them would be appreciated...1043 days 2hrs
Jaboticaba5 - I planted some seeds from this year's first crop and now have more than a dozen seedlings, although the biggest is only about an inch high. They are typically polyembryonic,so do I remove all but one from each group, and if so, when and how?..1509 days 3hrs
Looking for musa velutina - I have spares, also m.zebrina, but pick-up only - I am in Nunawading, Vic...1980 days 6hrs
Hi dragon fruit - How can you tell which plant will produce red fleshed fruit and which will be white when the plants are still small?..2279 days 7hrs
Dragon fruit growing in melbourne - After about 10 years, my potted dragon fruit has finally come into bud. I continually cut off the vertical upshoots to stop it pushing up the eaves, but keep all the downward shoots as from the images I have seen, these produce the fruit, and that is inde..2303 days 1hrs
Acha cha - Without saying too much about my personal life, I have had a water bed for the past 30 years. Perhaps some 12 years ago when I really got stuck into trying to grow tropicals in wintry eastern Melbourne I started putting seeds in bags at the bottom corners..2417 days 2hrs
Jaboticaba4 - I had the earliest flowering yet just over 2 weeks ago, but then last week we had a really cold day and it knocked off most of the flowers. There is some fruit set and new flowering. For the first time it is flowering on the bare inner branches and not ju..2438 days 1hrs

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