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jakfruit etiquette says... [1071 days 23hrs ago]

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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Nut trees4 - suitable nut tree (apart from almond) that is suited to the warmer parts of South Australia... Pistachio, Walnut, Macadamia, Quandong and Sandlewood kernels, Acacia seed, others, I would look into Arid Lands Permaculture...16 days 3hrs
Citrus medica - There are many types of Citrons, they were popular in the past when people preserved more stuff at home or on the farm. Some Pummelos and Citrons may have come in with Chinese gold miners, or later with Greeks or Italians, ie Bendigo Temple Pummelo, Balr..31 days 5hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - Hi Rainforest Girl, Pistachios are usually grafted onto rootstock of a close relative, also they usually ripen the nuts in late summer/early autumn. This might be the wet season in Kuranda,and might cause problems with mould etc on the nuts. It is possi..36 days 12hrs
Citrus medica - DougR says... I found some of these growing on the old family farm near Kilkivan. The lady next door used to make marmalade from the fruit. They must be very hardy to survive where they are growing and not very appealing to the cows. We always called the..37 days 2hrs
Pistachio nut seeds - Does anyone know the lifespan/viability of unharvested pistachio, seed still hanging on the tree, might be able to round some up. Also rootstock spp seed still on tree. ..38 days 8hrs
Acacia phlebophylla mt buffalo wattle - Hi, have you tried to google search that, some plants for sale came up. Also there are other Acacia "e;related"e; to it, these might suit your location better ?? ..38 days 8hrs
Davidson plums - Pademelon1 says... I think all three species could be successfully grown in a container, but I think D. jerseyana is best suited. Yes I agree, D.jerseyana will fruit lower on a multi stem shrub, containers are fine. ..39 days 11hrs
Finger lime20 - The pigmentation of the same Fingerlime var can vary slightly in different climates, especially colour pigments, so when grown at different places pics could vary. On the other hand, not all photos on websites are true or accurate, so photo of a var coul..68 days 14hrs
What citrus is this4 - If its not what we think i would love some seed...85 days 12hrs
What citrus is this4 - I'm guessing it might be an Australian Lime, usually a mildly sour lemon mandarin type flavour, mostly they are seedless, but some have seeds. Kassia Lime is also possible. Otherwise it could be unique, consider growing the seed ??..86 days 13hrs
Sudachi or yuzu citrus thoughts - You cant really eat them, they are used to flavour many different dishes and also processed foods, even soft drinks and alcohol. If you dont eat much Japanese food, maybe not much use. You can probably find some products at a Japanese grocery, to check t..88 days 0hrs
Citrus medica - Yes its a C.medica, maybe not an Etrog, as there are a few types of Citron. They are usually true from seed...97 days 2hrs
Oranges5 - Hi Julie, i meant botanically Lemon X Mandarin, more than edibility etc. Apart from a few true species, 99% of Citrus types are "e;hybrids"e; of those true species, according to recent models. Rangpur Lime is also a "e;Lemandarin"e;, wit..100 days 4hrs
Oranges5 - A bush lemon is Lemon X Mandarin, peel is thick, usually rough,tend to be yellow skinned, some orange hued. Seed are smaller than orange seed...103 days 23hrs
Mimosa - I'm wondering if "e;mimosa"e; is Acacia farnesiana, which is already around in Australia. Vachellia farnesiana, also known as Acacia farnesiana, and previously Mimosa farnesiana, commonly known as sweet acacia,[1] huisache[2] or needle bush...115 days 1hrs

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