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jakfruit etiquette says... [2181 days 9hrs ago]

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Dwarf peachvalley red - It looks like a graft scion or budwood. You could graft it to another Peach or related type, i.e. Nectarine. If you goggle growing peaches from cuttings, you should find some info in the case you can't find a suitable tree to graft it to. ..3 days 12hrs
What variety of pumpkin is this - Here is a pic of a local pumpkin stall, yours looks similar to some of the variants here. If you grow the seed from your fruit, you might get a mix of types. It can be good for a bit of variety. You could save seed of those you really like...23 days 23hrs
How to take care orange tree - carfield says... Thanks a lot, I plant it in the ground already. If water every 2 days sound ok? Or need everyday water it? I think the drains should be good for the soil at at backyard The watering depends on the weather. I would be watering more ..35 days 0hrs
What variety of pumpkin is this - Some seed of Pumpkins are F1 hybrids. The seed out of these fruit will be variable. Yours looks similar to many other relatives of Jap pumpkin. https://www.nativeseeds.org/collections/squash-butternuts-big-cheeses Another possibility is two varieti..38 days 15hrs
How to take care orange tree - Is it in ground or in a pot ?? Or still in the nursery bag ?? Overall Citrus like to be frequently watered, but hate water logging/overwatering. This can be somewhat helped by soil type or pot mix which takes up water but drains well. Watering should be ..44 days 1hrs

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