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Jakfruit Etiquette's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 21/06/22 Frost:
Location: MERBEIN

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jakfruit etiquette says... [2514 days 7hrs ago]

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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Kassia lime1 - Anyone growing Kassia Lime ? I am interested to know about the size of the fruit, and how it rates taste wise, as a lime. Also wondering if the plant matches with Rangpur, ie does it have pinkish new growth and flower buds ??..13hrs20mins
Imperial mandarin - If you take a photo of the rootstock bark, might be ablate tell ? Rough Lemon has fairly pale bark. It isn't unusual for Imperial to be dry , maybe if left too long ?? Imperial is a major commercial variety. It is not unusual to get bags of them tha..1 day 0hrs
Bio dome plant problems - Not sure about the mulch. The lucern biscuits are fairly dense, so a less packed mulch might be better. Fluff it up a bit. Most of my plants in tunnels are in pots with gravel floors. Some are benched on wooden pallets and they eventually rot too. Maybe l..3 days 15hrs
Gold nugget mandarin1 - The Gold Nugget mandarin was bred in California and is a hybrid of Wilking (King tangor x Willowleaf mandarin) x Kincy (King tangor x Dancy mandarin). The variety has Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) protection and is managed in Australia by Nu Leaf IP Pty ..3 days 23hrs
Bio dome plant problems - Hard to say. If the biodome is a plastic hoop tunnel, how much condensation is there over the day ? If it is dripping back down it is excessive.The plants are in the soil, so is there any drainage ? Any ventilation/ airflow ? to get any excess moisture ou..7 days 9hrs

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