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jakfruit etiquette says... [1322 days 1hrs ago]

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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Seedless table grapes - Agree, Flame Seedless and Sultana H5 are good choices for table grapes, and both can be dried for raisins...17 days 3hrs
Currant grape vine - Currants are the small black grapes, very sweet and nice flavoured, almost like a lolly. They dry easily without treatment, ie dont need a dip or drying oil spray, to form the small black dry currants. There are 2 types of black currant vines, Carina and..17 days 3hrs
Eggplant rootstock - The Devils Fig Solanum chrysotrichum is the largest growing of three intro species, the others used as rootstock are Wild tobacco bush Solanum mauritianum, and Pea eggplant Solanum torvum. All are weeds, however they also act as pioneer species on distu..24 days 18hrs
Perth manures neutral ph - Hi, did you check the analysis of the manure, I assume processed animal manure? If not the same will apply to manufactured fertilizer. I'm thinking that added Ca and Mg,ie lime and dolomite would be the main thing pushing up the pH. If so maybe you could..34 days 7hrs
Judean black muscat grape - Hi, is that the real name of the grape var ? If it is your guess of something you ate on a holiday etc, you might g search black muscat grape. If it was from a shop, you might g search commercial grapes in that country. There are several black muscat typ..39 days 17hrs
Pomelo tree which type - You might be able to graft over the ruby red grapefruit, some members might have scions (twigs for grafting)of suitable types for you. These 3 are a little unusual, Tahitian,(greenish flesh) Flicks, Honnefs(orange flesh), ie none are classic pummelos if ..52 days 19hrs
Tree killing poison - Its not likely you could apply the chemical safely or effecively on an 8 ft tree. Most people would cut down the tree and paint the stump with herbicide. You may need a few attempts on any new shoots, as figs are pretty tough. Its safer to cut it down an..52 days 19hrs
Pomelo tree which type - Hi, I know some one in Mt Nebo who had a pomelo, but the fruit was sourish. This is also what happens in Victoria, with the more tropical type pomelos. The tree will grow fine, but the fruit wont be sweet. There are some suitable for cooler areas ie Tah..54 days 7hrs
Heat damaged fruit tree - Those leaves look very very dry. I would check if the wood is dead or alive. Starting as high up as possible, scrape or nick the bark and see if its still green underneath. If not go lower till you find green, or not. If green ie alive it should sprout so..58 days 5hrs
Jackfruit trees in containers - If you are dwarfing a tropical tree in a drum, what are the pros and cons of marcotts ? 1 the root system will be better suited to confinement ie fibrous not a taproot, 2 the plant is at a mature growth, fruiting stage and 3, in event of damage, the regro..63 days 10hrs
Bread fruit seedling - Hi hi, do you mean an actual breadfruit seedling, or a young breadfruit tree ?? New trees can be grown from suckers or caused to sucker from the roots of a fruiting tree as I recall...65 days 6hrs
Seeds for sale in sydney - Have you thought of buying the fruit, and getting the seeds ? Most of these fruit seed need to planted quickly, not dried and stored like veges etc. ..67 days 6hrs
Kumquats - The nagami has sweet skin, and sweet but tart flesh. The calamondin has slightly sweet peel, but sourish mandarin like juice. Calamondin is very refreshing, and can also be used when full size but still green. ..76 days 4hrs
Dekopon in australia - Any PVR fruit var could also be tied up with grower/packer contracts, ie if you grow that var, you must sell the fruit back to the PVR owners fruit seller. That may be why they wont sell trees to the public, who dont sign the contracts. Some PVR stonefr..93 days 15hrs
Dekopon in australia - Dekopon is probably locked up as a PVR/Private var. here is some info about Mato Buntan https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/forumsearch/?PHPSESSID=u91fpogr7kg6r74teppdei6p04&q=mato+buntan&cx=015759813901905237747%3Aeusvkysv9cy&cof=FORID%3A9..99 days 7hrs

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