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Jakfruit Etiquette's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Japanese fruit trees - Okinawa white peach is avail in Australia, a couple of other white peaches have been mentioned on this forum. There are also white peaches available in the supermarket. Maybe you could research the actual variety they are or their origin. Japanese peache..11 days 22hrs
Need for advice - Hard to see, it sort of looks like normal, but also could be some dead areas of bark above and below where the limb was cut ? The white area on the right hand edge of the cut limb seems to be healed over ?..18 days 15hrs
Tomato seeds - Hi, the usual method to save tomato seed is to squeeze out the seed and pulp into a shallow container with lid and ferment for 3 days or so. Then wash out the fermented pulp thru a mesh kitchen strainer. This breaks down the gel cover around the seed. ..22 days 23hrs
Australian finger lime - Hi Bankokii, I was thinking about your previous comments re finger lime in Thailand. I guess I meant I got the impression that fingerlime is grown as a pot plant, yard plant, sold in markets as you say ie ornamental fruiting plant, not in plantations for ..22 days 23hrs
Banana lime fingerlime - Just wondering if anyone knows about the Banana Lime fingerlime that was sold from Burringbar RF nursery Nth NSW years ago ? Any trees still around ?..29 days 19hrs

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