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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Bush lemonmandarin - Hi Julie thats interesting. There are quite a few types of Rangpur, the main one I've seen finally ends up as a 4 to 5 cm puffy skin sour/slightly bitter mandarin. These are much nicer at 2cm just before they change to orange. How similar is yours ?..2 days 22hrs
Dying avacado - Hi Luke, I remember that Hydrogen Peroxide is put thru irrigation(drippers?) on cucumber crops in Japan as a preventative treatment. Yes, it would be better to start out from day one with beneficial microbes, and techniques to promote them, than to try t..5 days 9hrs
Bush lemonmandarin - Is it grafted ? Bush Lemons are usually seedlings, and as seedlings they are variable. Bush Lemons are Lemon X Mandarin, so its usual to get bits of both, and some trees may have fruit more like lemon, or others more like mandarin. Another possibility is..5 days 21hrs
Lime tree9 - I dont think Limequats ever made it to Australia. There are Citrangequats around, close but not exactly the same. ..5 days 22hrs
Pomegranate tree - I wouldnt think so because it is commonly seen to fruit as single garden trees, with no other obvious other pomegranate close by...14 days 23hrs
Parrot tree - I have a Schotia latifolia in the NW of Vic, so probably yes. Although taller than both, Its growing between a fence and a shed, so a bit sheltered...18 days 7hrs
Dying avacado - Hi Mark, if you mean Mega Booster Phosphorus Organic Fertiliser its ZeroN15PZeroK. Not sure if the ageing process of the bat guano is comparable to composting. 15% P seems quite high to use on its own. For Citrus, I was advised to go for low P of 1% to 2%..27 days 9hrs
Growing jambolan plum in pots - It doesnt like frost, otherwise its hardy. My seedlings havent fruited after many years, and havent seen flowers yet ???..28 days 19hrs
Dying avacado - Composted chicken manure is also effective against Phytophora root rot, as is Phos acid. It was specifically Composted chicken manure against Phytophora. Interesting that Chicken manure is high in Phosphorus and the chemical Phos acid is also treatment fo..29 days 9hrs
Persimmon fuyu1 - Hi Ken W. Just consider that a lower NPK chicken fert might be instantly or more rapidly available than a higher NPK slow release granule fertilizer. Same for 3 month lower NPK fert, which will release about 30% per month, compared to a higher NPK 12 mont..31 days 22hrs
Dying avacado - I worked on an Avo farm in Nth NSW. To combat root problems they grew the trees on slight mounds, mulched heavily with woodchips to create a permanent composting biological layer. Composted chicken manure is also effective against Phytophora root rot, a..33 days 9hrs
Persimmon fuyu1 - Hi Ken W. You could consider lightly fertilizing a slow release fertilizer like osmocote etc, or even a liquid fertilizer both at a lower rate, ie less at a time but more often than the label says. Maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the label rates. Persimmons hate to ..36 days 23hrs
Seville orange - Hi Ali, Citrus need to reach a certain size and maturity to first flower. For 99% of Citrus types,leaving a small plant in a pot for many years will not reach that maturity, despite the years. Basically the faster you can get the plant to plus 2 metres t..38 days 21hrs
Strange citrus bush - It sounds like a Citriobatus, which has pea sized orange fruit on a spiky bush. Otherwise Fingerlime is possible, or even a Lycium ie chinese boxthorn ?? More details would help...40 days 21hrs
Strange citrus bush - Hi greenpug, a photo would be a big help. ps what colour are the fruit ?..42 days 22hrs

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