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jakfruit etiquette says... [952 days 10hrs ago]

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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Identify this tree please2 - I think its a Petalostigma aka Quinine Bush...4 days 12hrs
Avocado tree dying1 - I would lift up some pavers and see if it is too wet or too dry underneath, also it may be too well sealed ie no air to the soil. Avo's like water but not cold damp soil or waterlogged soil. They like compost and organic matter in the soil. Yes, I would ..34 days 13hrs
Fruit treesdon webercitrus springs fl - Flying Dragon has curved thorns on zig zag stems. Normal Trifoliata has straight thorns and stems. Citrange also has 3 lobed leaves. You could grow rootstocks from cuttings of these shoots. Otherwise it is possible to find trees where the rootstock sucker..49 days 14hrs
Fruit treesdon webercitrus springs fl - I think the leaves in the new pic are different types, not just larger of the same. These Vars are used as rootstocks in parts of USA. They are Pummelo hybrids http://www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/cuban_shaddock.html http://www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu..54 days 1hrs
Fruit treesdon webercitrus springs fl - It looks like the odd branches in pic3 are coming from very low down, these are most likely rootstock suckers from below the graft. Have you tried eating these odd fruit, can you post a pic of the leaves of these low branches??..57 days 17hrs
Cleansing soil after root rot - You can solarise the soil, ie cover and seal edges with a full sheet of plastic in full sun and heat it up. Adding active compost and or composted chicken manure may also reduce disease levels. Any chance its nematodes ?..57 days 17hrs
Tomato disease1 - Thats sunburn, ie fruit is cooked on the exposed side to direct sun. Sometimes overhead irrigation can make it worse. You can shade from that side especially on hot days...57 days 17hrs
Eugenia reinwardtiana - I grew it in Vic as seedlings of nice fruiting bushes, but mine were thin fleshed. You could try cuttings of known good plants and see if your environment is the cause. In the wild they are common on exposed beachfront, ie hot full sun...57 days 17hrs
Queen garnet plum - If QG seedlings have lower levels of fruit antioxidant, you can simply eat more peices, ie 50% lower, eat 2 fruit...59 days 23hrs
Looking for a calamansi seed or tree - Seedlings of some Citrus types might take 15 years to flower, seedlings of Calamansi are much faster, maybe 5 years. Cuttings of Calamansi should be even faster, as the plant is already mature. ..79 days 18hrs
Davidson plum has brown tinged leaves - If you have recently recieved the plants, they may have come from a shadehouse, and now placed at your place under different light and wind conditions. You can acclimatise by placing plants under heavy shade and gradually move out to more sun at a cooler,..84 days 2hrs
Avocado trunk rot - I think you would need to treat it to lessen the chance of reinfection, before you cut it back to a stump...84 days 2hrs
Pummelo - Hi mcmelb 1, Australia mainly has the tropical S E Asian pummelos which are great in Darwin and Cairns etc but produce sourish fruit further south. Like you saw in China, Japan also has local pummelos ie Buntan or Zabon, even in Tokyo, which has a more h..90 days 17hrs
Rex union orange - Hi Hamish. Many Citrus are polyembryonic, ie exact clones can be grown from seed. I would try to find out if that is so for Rex Union. According to the link I posted it is available to be cultivated in USA...102 days 20hrs
Rex union orange - The Rex Union is from Sth Africa http://www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/rex_union.html Its not likely to be found here I'd say its going to be pretty close to Poorman Orange and/or Smooth Seville. These are both similar hybrids to Rex Union. Poorma..104 days 1hrs

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