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jakfruit etiquette says... [2031 days 15hrs ago]

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Strawberry growers have you seen a variety - Plants can show changes via mutation in a few different cases. Variegation can arise via mutation of a branch. Citrus such as Navel oranges have produced many branch mutation variants giving new varieties of Naval orange, later propagated by grafting. ..8 days 9hrs
Can anyone identify this seed pod fruit - It looks like a Castanospermum australe (Moreton Bay chestnut or blackbean). They usually have heaps of pods. I would check the foliage and see if it matches...9 days 20hrs
Rasberries covered with windbreak tasmania - If the wind break fabric has a larger diameter hole, the % shade factor will be lower. Some protection nets are 20% shade or 30% shade. Horticulture shade cloths are usually 50%, 70% or 80% White net or shade cloth will have a lower % shade factor than b..15 days 8hrs
Hypothetical citrus enquiry - The overall opinion is no. It is a common question with Citrus. If the fruit are less sweet, or odd looking, it is often traced back to rootstock suckers. Are your oranges suddenly full of seed from cross pollination ??..20 days 20hrs
Jeruk limau indonesian lime1 - It was discussed before on the forum https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/forum/indonesian-lime/ It might be hard to find a plant in a nursery, I think Engalls Nursery used to have it, but not atm. You might be better to ask among the Indonesian people l..22 days 8hrs

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