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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Rex union orange - Hi Hamish. Many Citrus are polyembryonic, ie exact clones can be grown from seed. I would try to find out if that is so for Rex Union. According to the link I posted it is available to be cultivated in USA...8 days 10hrs
Rex union orange - The Rex Union is from Sth Africa http://www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/rex_union.html Its not likely to be found here I'd say its going to be pretty close to Poorman Orange and/or Smooth Seville. These are both similar hybrids to Rex Union. Poorma..9 days 15hrs
Grape vines5 - All the grapes here are well underway with 1/3+ sized bunches. I would scrape the bark and see if its green underneath or now a dry twig...14 days 17hrs
Unknown fruit tree4 - Hi Pademelon1, Cocky Apple tastes like raw quince more than stewed quince..17 days 16hrs
Grape vine edible leaves - Sultana has large semi soft leaves before they harden off. Some wine grapes have smaller tougher leaves. I think all vard have edible leaves, some may be better ie large fruited table grapes. ..18 days 17hrs
Grafting an old citrus tree - For this tree, you can topwork graft it as per commercial growers do with similar large trees. The best method is probably peacock grafting, ie leave one or two limbs active with the grapefruit (like a peacock tail), and re graft the other limbs to the ne..29 days 14hrs
Looking for citrus limetta - Try searching for Sweet Lime or Palestine Sweet Lime..29 days 14hrs
Nutmeg trees - I wouldnt be looking for trees for sale, I would try to find any trees still alive, possibly Tropical Research Stations,( closed but trees might be there), Botanic Gardens, Rare Fruit Groups etc...36 days 7hrs
Grape vine for dolmades - I just met a Greek guy picking leaves from a grape farm, he said Sultana grapes are fine, ie large leaves from white fruited grapes. Some wine grapes will have smaller leaves, and some red grapes will have darker leaves, and some types will have rougher l..36 days 7hrs
Seville orange - Hi BruceH, what was the final result with the Citrus ID ??..36 days 15hrs
How to select male or female - Hi, with date palms, the male tree has male flowers and the female tree has female flowers that then grow into bunches of fruit. You could image search to find what these look like. Dates can be grown from the pups or offset suckers at the base, or large..48 days 15hrs
Finger lime varieties3 - Mt Annan Bot Garden had plants in the rainforest section outside the main entrance. You could also try to buy fruit. Most light green skin types are fairly like limes, other skin and flesh colour types taste like other fruit, berries, or sourish etc. ..72 days 3hrs
Growing fig from seed - I have some self grown seedlings of a Fig here. Of 10 that fruit, 5 are no good, ie poor fruit, with rare ok fruit set. The other 5 are nice, fairly similar to the parent, but never exact. Some more wild figs may be good from seed, so what type are yo..109 days 14hrs
Medjool date - The base of each frond has spikes, so you dont want to climb the tree or use ladders etc. The bunch of fruit is on a stalk, you could use a hand pole saw to cut the stalk from below. You may need other poles to hold the date bunch so it doesn't fall and s..112 days 15hrs
Identify avocado tree - I would take the pic or some leaves back to the nursery where you got it, or one that sells buth types. Out of a choice of 2, I think you could eliminate one based on leaf shape, leaf scent, colour of new growth. I would prob guess Not Hass, ie agree wi..143 days 7hrs

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