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Jakfruit Etiquette's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 24/11/20 Frost:
Location: gotham city

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jakfruit etiquette says... [1941 days 24hrs ago]

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Oncoba spinosa aks snuff box tree - Hi Linton, yes I saw that after I posted. I want some seed. Any chance there are hard ripe fruit still around ?? I had one years ago, would like to grow again...2 days 17hrs
Guava seedling years to fruit - Five to eight years seems about right, you could shorten that by growing it fast and pushing it to full size, keep the seedling active in winter. They should be faster in warmer climates...4 days 12hrs
Oncoba spinosa aks snuff box tree - Has anybody got an Oncoba spinosa plant, aka snuff box tree. It has fried egg type white flowers with yellow centre, and the fruit is like a small hard round gourd...4 days 16hrs
Itching for iwanashi - I think Tareq is on the right track, there are also other Epigea species, so you might find more info about those. The germination strategies might include cold stratification, heat incubation, light stimulation, scarification, bird ingestion. It is in t..4 days 16hrs
Lime leaves - Different Citrus rootstocks prefer certain soil conditions, some are better for alkaline soils, heavy soils, sandy soils etc etc. Maybe the pot mix has changed or leached over time, or pH changed ? This might change nutrient availability. Maybe a pH tes..7 days 18hrs

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