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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Finger lime5 - Finger Limes can have a lot of male flowers, ie pollen only. These cannot fruit and will fall off. Only female flowers will set fruit, and Finger Limes can be prone to drop these too. 2 limes from 7 flowers is good. Generally Finger Limes (seedling or gra..4 days 18hrs
Yuzu yellowing and dropping leaves - Not sure you would need the thrive so often until the buds swell and new leaves flush, then thrive only at low strength until leaves are growing well...5 days 8hrs
What type of orange is this - Is it an easy peel, ie mandarin type or hard peel ie orange type, is it seeded or seedless. Is it a true orange flavour, or is it milder mandarin mix flavour ? I have seen Orange seedlings with fruit like this, also tangelos. It looks like a Dekopon/Sum..6 days 23hrs
Yuzu yellowing and dropping leaves - They can be semi deciduous in cold weather...7 days 24hrs
Blood orange9 - David01 says... Blood orange has anthocyanins, needs cold to develop color while grapefruit has lycopene and β-carotene needs heat to increase, edit version. Yes thats why its odd for both to be pale,that the heat and cold balance at Stokers knocks ou..16 days 9hrs
Blood orange9 - Its odd because blood orange pigments need cold to develop red colour, but grapefruit need heat to develop red pigments. Also finger limes are local to Nth NSW , (not sure if they naturally occur at Stokers Siding)so you would think finger limes should s..19 days 0hrs
Pie cherry - Hi, can you think any more about the plant, ie was it a fruit tree, like cherry or plum, or was it a garden bush ? Is it linked to any other culture, ie German residents of the Adelaide Hills ? You might also enquire with the SA rare fruit society ht..24 days 23hrs
Mandarin leaf curling down - The theory of specially formulated to promote high quality and yield, that would mean a N level to promote growth and flower/fruit set, without an excess high N to give excessive leafy growth or N burn problems. The K level of 7 would help with fruit qua..33 days 6hrs
Mandarin leaf curling down - The richgro is a 7-1-7-9 fertilizer on the label, thats NPK plus something, probably S from the other bits of the NPK, ie ammonium sulphate and potassium sulphate I would guess. Thats the added trace on the website, as you say, not a complete trace spect..36 days 2hrs
Kampot pepper tree - I think Kampot is a Piper nigrum vine cultivar. Not sure if it will grow in Kedron? ..53 days 7hrs
Chillsensitive fruit truits and chlorosis - I did have a look at this stuff re potting mixes and nutrient interractions. It became too complex for me, especially trying to follow individual elements like Fe vs Mg vs P etc etc. I did find that experementing too much can lead to mistakes. Also mul..53 days 10hrs
Quince champion grafted - The rootstock could be a few things, not just a quince species. You can tell by the leaves of the sucker if you can recognise other fruit tree types. Either way a rootstock sucker can eventually take over, or even kill a graft if it takes over the energy ..56 days 10hrs
Availabil fruit tree - Hi Gary24, There are a couple of possibilities, one is the morrison seedless grapefruit https://www.wairere.co.nz/Fruit_and_Nuts/Grapefruit/Grapefruit-Morrison-Seedless and the other is the NZ Grapefruit/Poorman Orange https://citrusvariety.ucr.edu..57 days 5hrs
Sweet sapphire grapes - Seedless grapes very rarely produce seeds. They can do on occasions. Some seeded grapes can be sprayed to set without pollination, so seeds might get thru. Collecting the rare seeds from seedless grapes to sell seems unlikely. That said, people on thi..63 days 5hrs
Bark inversion technique and real calamondins - This tutorial is from Joe Real via Sylvain's pdf version, two citrus fanatics. The bark strip inversion is suggested to promote dwarfing of fruit trees and also early fruiting in seedlings. You may consider that budding and grafting also insert a restric..63 days 7hrs

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