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Jakfruit Etiquette's Edible Backyard

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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Midyim berries zero fruit - Plenty of stamens there, ie they look like white sewing pins pointing up. You can also check if there is any pollen, ie usually yelow dust. ..1 day 20hrs
Avocardo and eco oil - It could be bud mite control, eco oil is a miticide, and that would be a reason to spray flowers before fruit sets ?..1 day 20hrs
Avocardo and eco oil - Hi Roy. Eco oil is an oil, and any oil spray if over applied can cause problems by over coating the leaves, and in very hot weather cooking them. Some plants are much more sensitive to this than others, including plants in glasshouses etc. The choice of ..5 days 3hrs
Looking for a calamansi seed or tree - How about the other Citrus in Philippines, ie oranges and mandarins, do they have green or orange skin ? It is generally said that many Citrus fruit in the tropics ripen with a green skin. If you look at pics from markets, many citrus have green skin, n..6 days 13hrs
Midyim berries zero fruit - If you image search midyim flowers, they have a lot of stamens. Your image is blurry but doesnt seem to be any stamens sticking up ?. Wild species can be a mix of monoecious, dioecious etc, maybe you have a landscape version of midyim not a bush tucker v..10 days 4hrs

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