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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Quince champion grafted - The rootstock could be a few things, not just a quince species. You can tell by the leaves of the sucker if you can recognise other fruit tree types. Either way a rootstock sucker can eventually take over, or even kill a graft if it takes over the energy ..1 day 12hrs
Availabil fruit tree - Hi Gary24, There are a couple of possibilities, one is the morrison seedless grapefruit https://www.wairere.co.nz/Fruit_and_Nuts/Grapefruit/Grapefruit-Morrison-Seedless and the other is the NZ Grapefruit/Poorman Orange https://citrusvariety.ucr.edu..2 days 7hrs
Sweet sapphire grapes - Seedless grapes very rarely produce seeds. They can do on occasions. Some seeded grapes can be sprayed to set without pollination, so seeds might get thru. Collecting the rare seeds from seedless grapes to sell seems unlikely. That said, people on thi..8 days 7hrs
Bark inversion technique and real calamondins - This tutorial is from Joe Real via Sylvain's pdf version, two citrus fanatics. The bark strip inversion is suggested to promote dwarfing of fruit trees and also early fruiting in seedlings. You may consider that budding and grafting also insert a restric..8 days 9hrs
Chillsensitive fruit truits and chlorosis - Hi, have you considered that the plants inactivity protects it somewhat from cold and frost injury. Frost can be much worse in spring if it hits active new growth of the spring flush...12 days 8hrs
Fruit tree irrigation - Following from David01, you may want to consider a system that you can change or upgrade the individual emitters, ie give each tree a low flow/low rate emitter then either add an extra low rate to the bigger trees, or change one emitter to a higher rate v..18 days 7hrs
Avocado new growth keeps turning brown - The tree looks droopy and dry. The soil mix could be dry, or water repellent, so water is running thru. The Dry look could also be caused by root problems if soil is too wet, too cold or over fertilized. Over fertilizing acts like a form of salinity which..18 days 24hrs
Hazelnut dubbo - There were a few around Mildura, Vic, on grape farms, probably still there. These were irrigated. Some varieties might be better in hotter areas...19 days 0hrs
Grafting a fig onto a mulberry or - I think you are going to need active callous growth for the two types to fuse together. Both Fig and Mulberry are deciduous, so they will be less active over winter, I'm guessing they might not grow together much from now on over winter, possibly cuts mig..21 days 4hrs
Pepperina tree - How many trees do you have ? How far away is the nearest other peppercorn tree ? I noticed quite a few single trees on old farms in the Mallee, thinking now havent seen much pink fruit over the years. According to this, scientific name Schinus molle ..25 days 5hrs
Avocados hass vs lamb hass - Is Maluma Avo fruit available in shops, I thought Coles was selling it ? Anyone tried it ?..26 days 9hrs
Grapes8 - Grapes in the subtropics need to be resistant to disease, mildew/fungus. Also early harvest ripeness can help to miss the main rainy season, when most fungus problems occur due to humidity. Trellis type, ie open air flow to the vines can be most helpful...30 days 12hrs
Photography of rare fruits - Cherry Blossom is flowering NOW in Japan, also elsewhere in Nth Hemisphere, USA has historic street plantations. Not sure if that is helpful, if you have any contacts who could get a photo for you. If you can find trees in Australia, there is a slight ch..30 days 13hrs
Citrus scion wood - How about contacting Rare Fruit Growers group, should be members in rockhampton ?..34 days 7hrs
Looking for the key lime citrus aurantifolia - Key Lime is the same as West Indian Lime. You should be able to find fruit with seed, in many of the asian groceries in Sydney, or main fruit market. Just make sure you get the smaller yellow limes with seed, not the larger seedless Tahiti Limes...35 days 24hrs

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