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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Looking for citrus limetta - Ive not seen it ever listed in Australia. That includes Citrus research collections, but that info may be out of date. Its such a huge lemon, when most Aussies buy one or two regular lemons per week or even per month, I dont think anyone would commercial..11 days 15hrs
Orange trees6 - The thorns indicate a juvenile growth stage. That could be a seedling, it could be a rootstock sucker, it could be a watershoot from a mature orange tree. Even an old tree could send up a thorny non fruiting juvenile shoot, thats how new main branhes are ..19 days 6hrs
Avocadoes grown from seed - You might investigate cincturing http://rfcarchives.org.au/Next/CaringForTrees/Cincturing5-81.htm or you might consired grafting another Avo type onto your tree, or if it has several main branches, graft a few types onto it...29 days 20hrs
Looking for turkey berry solanum torvum in - I dont think they have a very long seed life if stored, or they go into tricky dormancy so hard to germinate. Fresh seed is easiest, and need to get seed out of the ripe berries before they go off. ..29 days 20hrs
Vietnamese oranges - Its probably called King Mandarin in Australia, It was grown many years ago, but now has been replaced by new types with it as a crossing parent. here is a previous post about it. https://www.daleysfruit.com.au/forum/king-of-siam-mandarin/..34 days 18hrs

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