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Jakfruit Etiquette Forum Contributions
Are beech nuts safe to eat - You should always check the species you are foraging, that its not a similar related species and that conflicting info is not for the relative. That said Beech seems to have edible nuts leaves and wood for barrels so it doesnt seem toxic. There might be ..5 days 3hrs
Lemon tree issues - The Lemon fruit might have lemon scab aka citrus scab. The trunk seems to have fungal problems. Both could be dampness related. Sunburn or damage can also let fungus into the bark, so be careful not to open up the canopy too much and sunburn the trunk. Wh..6 days 3hrs
Are jojoba nuts safe to eat - The Jojoba is native to the South West USA and Baja CA. It is eaten by some Peoples in the area, other Tribes dont eat it. It has many medicinal healing and cultural uses. The refined oil might have more effects than nuts, so be sure warnings are for..6 days 3hrs
Calamondinkumquat fruit search - Hi, Calamondins have sweet edible peel and sourish mandarin type pulp. Fortunella Kumquats have sweet edible peel and sweet flesh / pulp. There are 2 main Fortunella Kumquats in Australia. The oval Nagami and the round Meiwa. I did buy kilos of Meiwa Ku..10 days 16hrs
Finding glowinskis book - Hi Jadelink, it seems to be on Ebay but pricey. Have you thought of 2nd hand bookshops for a used copy ??..23 days 3hrs

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