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Mark22's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Mildura

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mark22 Forum Contributions
Cost of peanut butter trees - Phil,, I haven't seen one or the fruit of this. .. So, is the texture more of the Smooth or Crunchy variety of Peanut Butter? & is the fruit also oily & salty?............ Very sorry everyone. .. But really, a "Peanut Butter Tree"? That could not be le..4786 days 4hrs
Babaco - Has anyone tried the 'Findhorn method' of gardening? If so,what were your results? ... The veggie patch I've started in my backyard here in the red sand of Mildura,, I'm going to Try that method. I'm even using seeds that I bought in the early 1980'..4786 days 4hrs
Does anyone garden with blackwater - Just going over some old listings;; Someone had mentioned flooding increasing the 'blackwater contamination',(or something like that). It was something to do with septic systems being affected by floods & contaminating the drinking water, or something. ..4803 days 5hrs
Tasty apples - My mum has a few apple trees growing, down near Frankston just SE of Melbourne. Sorry, I forget what types they are! .... (I think that one is a Pink Lady,but don't hold me to that,I'm only guessing.) By the way, in case you're interested,,, she also h..4808 days 15hrs
What are your favourite fruit trees in - I don't have favourites! But I like to try unusual,rare,or exotic fruits & vegetables.... I could be wrong about this, but I think my wife would answer:: 1 Mangoe,2 Mangoe, 3 Mangoe!! ... I think?..4809 days 11hrs

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