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Ady's Edible Backyard

Joined: 13/04/11 Updated: 13/04/11 Frost:

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Ady Forum Contributions
Rocoto tree chilli1 - Hi MaryT if you still have some seeds, my adress is 143 esther cress. MooroolbarkVic3138 I always find chillies mild when theres a lot of cold wet weather around. last time I had Rocoto's I couldnt eat them raw but I have no problem with birds eye's..2571 days 6hrs
Rocoto tree chilli1 - MaryT could I get some seeds from you as well? I havent had rocoto's for 3 years now due to loosing my seeds ..2576 days 3hrs
Black seeded chilli - Thanks BJ thats them ..2774 days 11hrs
Black seeded chilli - About 3 years ago I grew this plant that had red golf ball sized fruit with black seeds with very hot flesh. the plant was about 4 years old before dying. the leaves were unlike a chilli, dark green top with a pale underside. I only knew it as a 7 year ch..2774 days 11hrs
Best tasting vegetable variety2 - Gus I did have a recipe for sauce but I seem to have lost it, I do have a sweet chill sauce recipe if you are interested. I also did bottled tomatoes & when I ran out of bottles I did 30lt in freezer bags which also had my excess capsicums & basil thrown ..2805 days 15hrs
Best tasting vegetable variety2 - Wassa you cant beat a jimmy nardello thrown on a griller I cant get enough of them..2805 days 18hrs
Best tasting vegetable variety2 - Amanda have you had the Amish past tomatoes for sauces, I grew them about 3 years ago and I'm only now on my last bottle yum. wishing I had not given so many away now..2805 days 19hrs
Bunya pine2 - I planted a Bunya yesterday. how long will it take to start having cones ? ..2825 days 18hrs
Pecans and cohabitors - Im also interested in this KP yesterday I planted a shoshonii peacan about 6m away from a white mullberry & I had planed to plant a H2 macadamia near it as well ..2825 days 18hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - I'm very interested in swaps but don't have much to offer as of yet . Nick I would love some Gooseberry cuttings if you still have some ..2873 days 16hrs
Grape vine pruning - sometimes in frost prone areas it is advisable to prune vines late, causing later bud burst thus missing the frost period (with some luck)..2905 days 13hrs
White shahtoot mulberry - I got one last week . A young cutting , that I will plant out come spring time . My black mulberry grew well in its first summer ..2909 days 10hrs
Babaco - Thanks Snottiegobble, I'll Wait until spring ..2910 days 9hrs
Babaco - Has anyone east of Melb. got any Babaco cuttings they could spare or would like to sell ? ..2922 days 17hrs
Vanilla orchid cuttings - Daniel , you can get them from Herbies by mail order or you can find there outlets in Melb. online www.herbies.com.au if I cant grow it I go to them ..2922 days 19hrs

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