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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Zady's Edible Backyard

Joined: 20/05/11 Updated: 20/05/11 Frost:
Location: Heywood Vic

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Shanghai peach - Hi Stella, no I never found it... though I haven't had a chance to talk to my dad about it. He has only just got home from travelling around Aus - again! lol But I will call him this evening and ask him about it. SO it is definitely a Shanghai Pea..2884 days 8hrs
Taro1 - Just to help hijack the thread a little more, Oleander is deadly to every animal, including humans. And it doesn't take much, even out camping and using an oleander stick to stir your the sugar in your tea can be enough...2927 days 6hrs
Bird of paradise strelitzia - I have a Bird of Paradise in the new place that I want to get rid of asap, it is rather large and has been allowed to run wild and unchecked for years. Does anyone on the forum know the best way to kill them? As I understand that they are very difficult..2940 days 1hrs
Babaco - Hi Snottie, I don't know yet, but when I move into my own place shortly I will find out and let you know! :D..2941 days 22hrs
Babaco - Hi Snottie, yes, you are right. http://www.greendrinkreviews.com/wp/2008/11/09/exotic-cures-loofah-and-its-benefits/ ..2942 days 2hrs
Citrus and possums - Hi Tom, they reason they look so very different is because the American 'Possum' is actually an 'opossum.' Not related to the Australian Possum at all. ..2943 days 7hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - Hi Jason, thanks for the tip, I will have to try and mother them through the next w months, but after I move, the hot water system at the new house is outside but under shelter, so will plonk them on that. Currently, when inside, I have them sitting on ..2960 days 3hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - Hi Phil, I don't know if you emailed me as well, but I didn't receive an email from you to reply to. Can you send another? And I will check my spam box as well. Thanks..2960 days 6hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - zadysundancer @ hotmail .com I know i don't need to space it, but it helps keep bots and stuff to a minimum in my inbox..2971 days 6hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - yes please...2972 days 5hrs
Weird spidery thing on plum - Maybe you should post it on an arachnid site, see what the specialists in spiders say about it? Never know, it could be the new Arachnidis.Kazidis or something :D..2974 days 3hrs
Weird spidery thing on plum - Shame the photos can't enlarge, it's kind of too small to actually see detail for a visual clue. Although, spiders and I are not fans of each other at the best of times...2974 days 6hrs
Shanghai peach - thats possible jimmy, he just told me what my uncle calls it. Apparently it was planted by my grandfather, just the single tree, and its seedlings were true to type, and my uncle planted some of the seedlings, and several years ago, my dad got some of t..2974 days 18hrs
Ice cream bean free to good home - Congratulations on your new addition to the family BJ! ..2976 days 7hrs
Peach variety - Thanks Jason,I drive around and see all the beautiful gardens and itch to grow my own fruit and veg. But up until the chance to have my own home, I have not really bothered with trying to garden, as I have moved to much to make it a viable option. ..2976 days 21hrs

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