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Mark27's Edible Backyard

Joined: 27/06/11 Updated: 27/06/11 Frost:
Location: N.W. Victoria

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mark27 Forum Contributions
Strange unknown fruit what is it - P.S. .. If it is the "Cow's Udder" as Phil has said,, "Leave it alone", as that one IS Poisonous!!..2859 days 1hrs
Strange unknown fruit what is it - Violet,, I have no idea what you've got there. But it does look more like a leaf in your hand than a fruit to me. .. I'd play it Safe,like Phil says if it were me!! (however,,, IF you are the daring type, there are 'some' poisonous plants which can be..2859 days 1hrs
Growing sugar cane - Does anyone know if or where I can get some Sugar Cane to grow? Just for a curiosity in the garden. (that's without having to trek up to QLD.)..2859 days 2hrs
Growing banana - Can I grow a banana plant From 'Seed'? I know that they grow from suckers, but the first banana's must have come from seed, surely? .... & I remember hearing when I was very young, that the black center of a banana is the seed. So I was just wondering,..2859 days 2hrs
Different coloured bananas - Hi. Are all Banana's Yellow in colour, or are there varieties in different colours? I have never had much success growing banana's before, but that was when I lived in Melbourne right on the bay. .. Oh, I should say, that I did try the Forum Search befo..2859 days 2hrs
Super dwarf bananas - I once saw some Lady Finger banana's (I think that was the variety?) being grown in a pot hydroponically. The pot was actually one of those large plastic bottles with the top cut off it.(you know, the big ones used in industry for soap, about 20 or 30 li..2859 days 2hrs
Seville orange rootstock - Does anyone have a Marmalade recepie (for Any Citrus), but using NO Sugar? .. It must be able to be done,I'm sure...2860 days 5hrs
Veggie garden - Hi Katrina. You can get Old sleepers direct from the railways. Just give them a call & tell them what you want. They'll be glad to be able to get rid of some,but they will try to charge you for them.(even if they were going to go to the tip, you know wha..2860 days 6hrs
Veggie garden - Nadine, what Xiem says about polystyrene fruit boxes Is a good idea & I do that myself. (tall ones for root crops,shollow ones for leaf crops.) (They also make fair seed raisers with a plastic bag over them.) Just put some totn up cardboard from a carton ..2860 days 6hrs
Babaco tree - Haw Haw Haw Snottiegobble. Yes thanks I found her OK. ( I had forgotten she had gone out to do volunteer work, so oil's well that ends well.) With that out of the way,& the same message to all who answered this.. "Err YUKK!" That's just My opinion. I ..2860 days 6hrs
Seville orange rootstock - "Excuse Me Peoples.".. I've just been reading som posts about making marmalade on here. I'd like to correct 1 little thing. "Any Orange" is suitable to use to make marmalade,NOT only Seville. The same can be said about ANY Citrus fruits." The only ..2867 days 3hrs
Seville orange rootstock - Gardenpixie... In Mildura & surrounds, Seville Oranges are just left on the trees until they fall off & rot! The growers can't sell them because of Overseas oranges flooding into Australia! If you happen to drive by an orchard up here, just stop & grab w..2867 days 3hrs
Babaco tree - Can anyone please tell me what the fruit of the Babaco Tree tastes like? & How long befor they fruit & where do I get one without paying a fortune. Are they a big tree & if so, can they be kept short & still bear fruit? I saw some once in Gardenworld. It ..2869 days 2hrs
Veggie garden - Jan,, Treatd Pine is coated with Arsenic! NOT safe for pets,kid's or you. Definately Not Safe to grow Veggie's in!! Pine,treated or not will NOT last as long as Redwood or Any Hardwood. (i used to work in a timberyard,& those guys saw you coming for mil..2872 days 5hrs
Which agave to use - Thanks Speedy, That is sure to help. (I think BJ was just talking about tequila?, but I could be wrong. .. Sorry BJ, If I'm wrong about that.)..2889 days 3hrs

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