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Mark27's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: N.W. Victoria

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mark27 Forum Contributions
Strange unknown fruit what is it - P.S. .. If it is the "Cow's Udder" as Phil has said,, "Leave it alone", as that one IS Poisonous!!..3241 days 5hrs
Strange unknown fruit what is it - Violet,, I have no idea what you've got there. But it does look more like a leaf in your hand than a fruit to me. .. I'd play it Safe,like Phil says if it were me!! (however,,, IF you are the daring type, there are 'some' poisonous plants which can be..3241 days 5hrs
Growing sugar cane - Does anyone know if or where I can get some Sugar Cane to grow? Just for a curiosity in the garden. (that's without having to trek up to QLD.)..3241 days 6hrs
Growing banana - Can I grow a banana plant From 'Seed'? I know that they grow from suckers, but the first banana's must have come from seed, surely? .... & I remember hearing when I was very young, that the black center of a banana is the seed. So I was just wondering,..3241 days 6hrs
Different coloured bananas - Hi. Are all Banana's Yellow in colour, or are there varieties in different colours? I have never had much success growing banana's before, but that was when I lived in Melbourne right on the bay. .. Oh, I should say, that I did try the Forum Search befo..3241 days 6hrs

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