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Jimreevescairns's Edible Backyard

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jimreevescairns Forum Contributions
Duriun trees have you seen any - Blimey it's that bad ! Wonder if it's remotely possible to import grafted material. Judging by my experiences trying to get seeds posted in I would suspect not. Ah well :-)..3379 days 1hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - That's a bit sad. Will those grafted ones be for sale do you know ? ..3399 days 4hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - No they were seedlings. I did buy 2 of their marcots about 3 years ago but I knew even less about growing durians than I do now and they died pretty soon. I think I let too much direct sunlight get to them. Some guy on the rarefruit forum put up pictures ..3400 days 14hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - Mike you made me think - it was a monthong gan yao (spelling) cross - well on the label anyway Regards Jim..3401 days 5hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - Mike That's interesting to hear. Ah well have to hope mine taste good when they fruit. I have a couple of monthong/chanee cross that I got from Limberlost that must be 5 years old now. One got blown over during Yasi but seems to be recovering. Think I ..3402 days 16hrs

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