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Jo24's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:

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Jo24 Forum Contributions
Flamethrower plam - I do have several for sale, from young seedlings to well established plants. email me at palmaculture@icloud.com for pics and prices. Not interested in posting btw..1423 days 16hrs
Banana varieties were missing out - Hi Ben, just noticed this. I do have a number of potted Musa at the moment. Sikkimensis, itinerans. Basjoo pup is possible. Email me at palmaculture@icloud.com...2361 days 8hrs
How your whole day is beautiful - I'm here all week - try the veal! 8)..2934 days 11hrs
How your whole day is beautiful - I agree, Flower. Mike, don't go on about your cock. Wrong forum...2935 days 11hrs
Flamethrower plam - Not hard to find and much more cold hardy than you'd think. Grown successfully in Melbourne since 2003 (in my case). Has therefore coped with with long droughts and 48 degrees..with temps close to zero in deepest winter. Gorgeous...3030 days 14hrs

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Banana varieties were missing out - Hi There I was hoping someone in Victoria might have some Musa sikkimensis,Musa basjoo or Ensete Ventricosum to sell or trade (I tried Jo's email listed above and the address is no longer active)...Liked Question 2361 days 8hrs

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