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Fruit treesdon webercitrus springs fl - I thought pomelo leaves has winged petiole. Anyway, citrumelo is a proper rootstock, so the rootstock theory can stand. I'm generalising here, most people wouldn't grow pomelos unless there is a real reason to, so adds weight that it's a rootsto..365 days 10hrs
Re fruit with no seed - I recall reading Parvin mango has this seedless condition for around 25% of all fruit. This was attributed to the cultivar. It's a known condition within the mangos and maybe something triggered in the R2E2 to do the same. ..365 days 10hrs
Looking for a calamansi seed or tree - To add to the confusion/debate. Citrus x Microcarpa, sold as Calamondin in Australia, is reported to be Kalamansi/calamansi of the Philippines. Though, confusingly one nursery calls it 'Australian Kumquat'. Kumquat/Cumquat is another citrus..389 days 12hrs
Lenon seeds - Between 5 to 15 years, your lemon seeded grown tree should fruit. Also, you will need a very big pot - as it need to grow to full size to reach maturity. Google 'Node count' If you have the space and patience, yes. Or hedge your bets and do ..390 days 10hrs
Planting a lemon tree - I would lean towards a higher spot, as Lemons can be susceptible from root rot (easily) if the soil is quite wet all the time. ..439 days 15hrs
Mangoes in melbourne mission impossible - looks like the beginning of flower spikes I'd keep them and see if you can get a fruit to set. It's nice to see a tiny mango and knowing what the future holds. KPs are known to have mango flower from seed as early as 3 years. So it's possible. ..439 days 15hrs
Problem with mango tree - My guess is, it can be ANTHRACNOSE or Bacterial Black Spot. It's quite common in our coastal humidity. One solution is to spray constantly or grow varieties that is more resistant. Unfortunately, Bowen/KP is quite prone to it. https://www.d..460 days 13hrs
Id please1 - Looks a bit like Wampee - but had to see the internals to be s100% sure...502 days 10hrs
Yellow lemon tree leaves - clay in general is not the best for citrus, as there is a greater disposition for root rot. what you really need is good drainage. and most of the clay breakers will increase the pH to alkaline side I suspect being in innisfail, a high rainfa..545 days 12hrs
Unusual lemons - the striped one is probably a variegated variety. Jerry Coleby-Williams of ABC Gardening Australia has shown off his variegated Villa Franca in one of the segments. http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s4201458.htm There is a variegated Eur..550 days 14hrs
Kaffir lime2 - I have 2 kaffir lime trees in pots, both producing a handful of fruits a year. It is hard to give away the fruits as hardly anyone knows what to do with them. Having said that, I did find someone who uses it in Indonesian sambal (sauce/dip). Mine..554 days 12hrs
Patio lime - Very sorry to hear the recent frost has damaged the plants. But it did sound like the bricks and concrete did create a micro climate and probably saved a small part of the plant and like you said, hopefully spring comes and the plants will turn around. ..555 days 16hrs
Turmeric - I have seen a video on youtube that there is a white form of turmeric. I also grew turmeric for the first time. Mine are orange in the lower parts of the turmeric. I.e. you can see the orange through the skin. and when you break it, you see mostly..555 days 16hrs
Citrus pest - I believe they are a form of scale. I have them on one of my lemon trees, but they are mostly in the branches surface. A spray or two of white oil should keep them in control. ..555 days 16hrs
Patio lime - I am surprised you need to go to such extreme to keep lemon grass down south. a low tech solution is Wall-O-Water, not sure if they are sold in Aus but oversea experiences showed it works. Alternatively, if you have a barrel of water (covered), ..580 days 9hrs

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Foof forest is a fraud - John you are very obviously employed by the permaculture society to raise awareness of there cause. Never have I read and learned so much about the subject of which I new so little about. This is a common advertising campaign that has been used since da..Liked Question 1533 days 14hrs
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