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Payo's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: goldcoast

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Payo Forum Contributions
Avocardo variety - Hi Jodyhouzz. Avocados need to cross pollinate, eg Fuerte and Has. The best thing to do is buy a grafted tree which has a pair of compatible varieties grafted to it. Growing from seed will take at least 7 years. ..2084 days 6hrs
Bunya germinating - Sternus1 A Bunya tree has a quite distinctive shape with a rounded dome. In spring the new growth is a light green and in the early morning sun seems to light up like a Xmas tree.( slight exaggeration there, but quite beautiful.}..2084 days 6hrs
Tree killing poison - for those with tree problems, mix roundup at about double strength or more, dig up a root , cur it and put the clean cut into a container of the mix. The root doesn't need to be big but the tree will suck the roundup right through its system. It even wor..2408 days 6hrs
Bunya germinating - Jim, We have a Bunya in our yard which is 15 years old and it hasn't fruited yet. This may be because it is in very poor soil. In good soil and water about 10 years. When planting them don't put them near a thoroughfare because the cones weigh up to 5 ..2804 days 14hrs
Bunya germinating - Amanda, those nuts are not Bunya, they are either bean balls off the black bean( very poisonous) or more likely cycad seeds. To grow them treat them the same as bunya seeds The main thing is don't be in a hurry...2832 days 7hrs

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