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Db's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Brisbane

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Growing alphonso and valencia pride mango in - No one growing Alphonso or Valencia Pride? Can these two be kept in pot and still get some fruits?..832 days 23hrs
Honey gold mango - How is growth habit of honey gold mango tree? I planted some few HG seeds 3-4 weeks back and seedlings are already 6-8 inch tall now and on largish one roots are already coming out of its 150mm pot.. So to me looks HG has vigorous growth habit but it migh..833 days 5hrs
Bundy special mango - Is anyone growing Bundy special mango tree? I sprouted 3 seeds (all mono) successfully and they seem to be vigorous grower.. Within less than 1 months (I ate this mango on 17th Feb and put seed for germination on same day) and plant is already 10inch tall..835 days 22hrs
Growing alphonso and valencia pride mango in - Hi All, is anyone growing Alphonso or Valencia Pride mango tree? How is the growth habit of these varieties? I know VP is vigourous grower, can these two varieties be kept small in pot by regular root and vegetation pruning? Has anyone got Alphonso mango ..839 days 4hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - Yes I'm already going to try grafting on my potted Kwan mango tree I purchased from Daleys.. I couldnt do it till now because its not in good shape at the moment, growing only on one side of the trunk.. will surely graft in coming spring.. Seed from my..857 days 14hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - Thanks a lot Brain, I'll visit them one day for sure.. I'm all set in mind to plant my potted tree in ground now considering its awesome quality... i have only one suitable space and thats corner of my land.. i have read mango roots are not that destru..864 days 6hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - Thanks Brain.. I bought few HG from market to taste and flavour was nowhere close to my mango above.. Those HG tasted more like Bowen mango to me.. Mine has intense mango flavour, very smooth flesh, have dark orange colour flesh rather than yellow com..866 days 7hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - Also, forgot to mention that this tree in pot is definately of Polyembryonic type. Yesterday I opened the outer shell of seed, removed inside seed and noticed there were 4-5 seperate segments attached together instead of just one so I'm expecting multiple..869 days 12hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - Thanks Brain, I thought Honey Gold mango is small size like 300gm.. I have yet to eat HG but I have seen them in Woolworths few times and they were small.. Have you seen large size Honey Gold like 1kg? Which varieties (other than R2E2) in Australia give s..870 days 0hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - Hi all mango experts, It has been now 5 yrs since I posted on this forum. My mango tree is still in pot (please see my posts above on this thread on 22nd Feb 2012). I'm planning to transfer it to ground very soon. Luckily my mango tree is fruiting s..872 days 11hrs
Dragon fruit - My potted DF plants are fruiting now, 1 yr old yellow DF has set one fruit, 1.5 yr old red got 4, 1.5 old yr white got 3 fruits set, there are lots of new flowers coming as well. How long it takes from fruit set to harvest?..1998 days 11hrs
Thornless youngberry rootstock - Youngberry that planted last year is fruiting happily now in pot....2074 days 7hrs
Wine grapes hervey bay - BJ, any idea how is Noble Muscadine variety? ..2076 days 13hrs
Passionfruit panama sweet gold - I picked those remaining fruits couple of weeks back.. Vine has already put on lot on new growth (which started even before it finished fruiting). Is it too late to give it hard-prune now or still ok?..2080 days 6hrs
Shahtoot mulberry2 - Anyone knows what causes this issue and if there is any fix?..2080 days 7hrs

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Carambola1 - i bought a star fruit (carambola) about 2 weeks ago but it is looking rather sad the leaves will not spread out can any one help me!! i live in pooraka south australia..Liked Answer 772 days 12hrs
Sensation or irwin adelaide - Yeah defently, considering Iam a chef. Thanks for the input. So the Irwin flesh is not the best either ? My bowens flowering atm, when spraying should spray flowers and leaves or just leaves ? Cheers Brain...Liked Answer 830 days 7hrs
Fig tree roots - Gosh I have just planted a fig! Should I have put it in a pot to contain the roots. I did hear that if you restrict the roots that they crop better!? And i certainly don't want to end up with it wrecking our house..Liked Answer 841 days 9hrs
Kwan mango tree - Excellent idea. Why Kwan? Actually the best mango tree in regard to diseases. However, hard to get. Peter..Liked Question 855 days 0hrs
Need some expertise on frowing mangoes from - well this summer i had a go at planting a few varieties of mangoes kp 98% success calypso failed,re2 failed.but i have grown over 2 dozen k/prides just remember whilst it is hot plenty of sun and water...Liked Question 855 days 12hrs

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