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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Peter 1000's Edible Backyard

Joined: 21/02/12 Updated: 21/02/12 Frost:
Location: adelaide

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Peter 1000 Forum Contributions
Fig cuttings1 - definately not black genoa, check out the pictures on the figs4fun website. are you aware of all the conditions that must be met for them to be allowed into the country, will be expensive and take at least 9 months. ..2123 days 8hrs
Fig blue provence - BJ can you leave your email address so i can get that cape white to you, you could even leave your email with Jantina and she can send it to me. ..2123 days 11hrs
Fig blue provence - ok jantina ill email directions to you nothing comes to mind at the moment but if you come accross any black skinned or french varieties of figs let me know. i have some monsteria and d/fruit you can take if you want. jason do you also want some d..2135 days 10hrs
Fig blue provence - left a message with them yesterday, hoping to hear from them today. yea perrys are ultra expensive...2136 days 14hrs
Fig blue provence - jason ive got my main c/white growing from last season so wasnt planning on planting the one in the bag. any early neibourhood figs will have little figs on them now. hi jantina yea that would be easier then sending by post, it has already start..2137 days 5hrs
Fig blue provence - vltc ill ring tomorrow and check on their progress. jason i have one already rooted in a bag that i could send bare rooted if you want. bj the tree marked as panachee at the rfssa orchard is something else. i will be checking elsewhere on th..2138 days 5hrs
Rasberry bushes - understood and sent...2145 days 7hrs
Spring quiz competition - ive got one i think no. 20..2145 days 10hrs
Rasberry bushes - if you post your email or phone no. ill get in touch...2145 days 14hrs
Fig blue provence - if you mean yalca then no, i got a st domonique de violette from them about a month ago and they were out of stock of the blue province back then...2155 days 1hrs
Fig blue provence - jason try searching cape white, ripens jan. i can send you a couple of cuttings. also look for figs with a breba crop. vlct i can confirm that the panachee and blue province figs at the rfssa orchard are miss labled. ill let you know when i find..2155 days 5hrs
Fig blue provence - the place only does wholesale but im trying to organise something with them, if you dont have any luck with yalca leave your contact here and ill get one for you when the time comes...2162 days 16hrs
Fig blue provence - hi joel im waiting for a panachee and blue province to become available about the end of sept. so will let you know. do you have any other figs?..2163 days 23hrs
Dekopon in australia - not at this stage, i have 20 or so seedlings, mostly from the seeds you sent a while back that im going to graft onto this season. something that i am looking for at the moment if you ever come accross any is the violette de bordeaux fig...2170 days 0hrs
Dekopon in australia - Hi John the sumo mandarin is going to be sold at woolworths stores on your side of the country from about late august onwards...2171 days 1hrs

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