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Ilijas's Edible Backyard

Joined: 02/04/12 Updated: 02/04/12 Frost:
Location: Melbourne

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Ilijas Forum Contributions
My little experiment - What does it do that's different to blood & bone?..2511 days 20hrs
Transplanting apples not yet domant - I'd move them. They can sometimes hold on to their foliage and appear not to be dormant, but they're not doing any growing, and that's the time to move them. ..2514 days 2hrs
Seville orange - Slightly off-topic, but I've been looking high and low in Melbourne to find the Rough Seville fruits, and no one seems to even know what they are. The only thing I've found is a grocer in Dandenong Plaza that has the smooth Seville fruits every year..2514 days 2hrs
Is this chlorosis on citrus leaves - Not really sure. They both seem to be growing from their tips. The WI lime on the pic is a brand new branch from the last 2-3 months, and it's the only one with the yellowish leaves. Both the WI lime and the Julie seedling Seville are in a very warm ..2527 days 22hrs
Is this chlorosis on citrus leaves - Thank you Amanda and Julie. I'll try to get my hands on a pH kit when I can. In the meantime I've sparingly sprinkled some Citrus Osmocote so hopefully that'll give them a little more nutrients than before. ..2528 days 10hrs
Is this chlorosis on citrus leaves - I'm also getting this yellowing on the Julie Seville seedling, as per the attached picture. Didn't know how to upload two pics at once, so I've done it as separate posts. ..2529 days 6hrs
Is this chlorosis on citrus leaves - This is a young shoot on my potted West Indian Lime, and it seems to be going yellower and yellower. I applied some chelated iron solution about 2-3 days ago thinking it was chlorosis. I haven't seen a difference yet, and now thinking it may be somet..2529 days 6hrs
Seville orange from seed how long before - My baby's looking and smelling gorgeous. I think Julie has passed on some magnificent genes there. :)..2619 days 23hrs
Seville orange from seed how long before - Never hurts to start, and I think that's a capital idea, MaryT. ..2623 days 6hrs
Seville orange from seed how long before - I am now the proud owner of a Julie's seedling Seville Orange!! WWOOOOOHOOOO!!!! Thank you to Julie, Xiem, and Xiem's friend for making all this possible! ..2623 days 7hrs
Seville orange - Email sent! A thousand thank yous, Xiem. ..2624 days 10hrs
Seville orange - HI Xiem, You wouldn't happen to have any seedlings for sale, now would you? ;)..2624 days 11hrs
Seville orange from seed how long before - John Mc: which nursery is this? I'd love to order one if it's the real deal. As BJ says above, there is a big difference between the original "rough" Seville and the "smooth" one. The rough Seville is the true Seville orange, and has lumpy l..2624 days 11hrs
Seville orange from seed how long before - A kind person by the name of Julie, who is in this forum, has been giving away seeds of the Seville Orange, the original lumpy rough one. Something has just occurred to me, however, and that is how long it'll be before it fruits. Anyone got any e..2624 days 21hrs
Keymexicanwest indian limes now in bunnings - Oh wow, thank you J! Mine's only tiny, much like the size of the Sublimes in Bunnings. It's in a pot so I figured I'd look after it for this year and perhaps by the end of the year repot it if it grows much and by then is big enough to handle the w..2633 days 23hrs

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