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Jakfruitetiquette's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/04/12 Updated: 05/04/12 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Jakfruitetiquette Forum Contributions
Garlic - If we cut down enough trees, everyone will be able to see Russia from their kitchen window, just like Sarah Palin can!!..2521 days 13hrs
Persimmon - ichikikijiro is called "jiro" in some parts of Australia, but Jiro is actually a large conical type fruit...2530 days 13hrs
Persimmon - To follow up from BJ, I..chiki..k..jiro is a squarish flat non astringent type, doesnt taste much different to Fuyu, can be eaten when hard like an apple, or when soft, but Astringent types have a richer flavor when fully ripe...2530 days 15hrs
We are worldwide - Ugg...., I thought that sounded like a Norwegian Viking name...2532 days 11hrs
Nut trees2 - Hi Linton, maybe this weill help http://www.kew.org/science-research-data/kew-in-depth/difficult-seeds/species-profiles/schinziophyton-rautanenii/index.htm..2534 days 2hrs
Nut trees2 - Linton, best to get a good propagation book, such as "principles of plant propagation, Hartmann and Krester" as the tricks for each type of nut species species can be slightly different. Some can be helped by rasping away some of the shell, some need t..2537 days 1hrs
Darwin bush lime - Darwin bush lime?? Is it a Microcitrus, most of these have much smaller leaves than non native Citrus. Could be a naturalised West Indian lime, from the Darwin bush, leaves should have a nice lime scent. A lot of Citrus was destroyed during the NT cank..2537 days 1hrs
Rootstock trees - Do you mean grafted lemon/lime, grown on rootstock ???..2555 days 12hrs
Rustys on friday - The white one looks like Syzygium, one of the "white apples". There are a few types up there...2561 days 13hrs
Fruit treesdon webercitrus springs fl - If you eat an orange first, then a lemon immeadiatly after, the lemon will taste sweeter. If you then eat another orange,it will taste sourer than the first orange!..2561 days 20hrs
Inquiry of yuzu plants - You should be able to find Yuzu tree at a plant nursery shop in Tokyo, or at a big "Home Centre" hardware that sells fruit trees. I'ver seen them there, so shouldn't be too hard to find...2571 days 16hrs
Fig tree transplanting - I have moved and potted rooted suckers, you could treat it like one of those. It depends on how big the plant is, but more on how much roots you can get out with it. Dont let it dry out after you dig it out, and wait till late winter, or at least till all..2572 days 12hrs
Blueberry hedge - So BJ, how are the coppertops fruit?? as good as Midyim??..2588 days 10hrs
Citrus rootstock fruit - Sweet lemons, making lemonade without cane sugar..2593 days 1hrs
Citrus rootstock fruit - Looks like a Citrus, if it's a rootstock sucker, I would 1st guess rough lemon, then maybe sweet orange, probably not mandarin?? Best to compare leaf taste/scent of yours to known types...2593 days 15hrs

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