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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Joined: 09/04/12 Updated: 09/04/12 Frost:
Location: auckland NZ

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Denise1 Forum Contributions
Finger lime5 - I presume you have a grafted tree on a dwarfing rootstock. As with many trees it is hard to predict if your plant will commense growth instantly or it may want to sit for many months to first establish its roots. Being dwarfed it will probably not be too..3 days 7hrs
Panama berry dead - This is not panama berry. If you put the two leaves side by side you will see the several differences. You may have a bush fig tree...20 days 9hrs
Dying tamarillo trees - Some plants that are vigorous in growth and seem quite hardy can quickly be killed by an act of kindness. I suspect your rich compost potting mix is too much for your plant. I would try normal potting mix and grow in a moderately cool position. I have see..24 days 6hrs
Pie cherry - Pie cherry usually refers to the sour cherries, a real cherry but with less sweetness but good flavour for cooking. Daleys sell the sweet cherries only...27 days 5hrs
Lacuma - I have had better success grafting it onto trees in the ground than trees in pots. It is spelled Lucuma...30 days 24hrs
Dragon fruit32 - Time will tell if they learn to bite through the netting if it is plastic. Also they may just move on eventually and not bother you again. Anyway it is useful having a big cage to grow fruits, berries etc and not worry about a variety of pests...34 days 1hrs
Papple fruit tree - They are in effect, an Asian pear that has a peel that you would call apple. I am not sure of its parentage..34 days 1hrs
Plant identification3 - I would say you have a mangosteen, Garcinia mangostana, or a closely related species. ..34 days 1hrs
Late season mangoes in warm temperate climates - I had mango growing and fruiting in Auckland, NZ. They were in barrels or in ground against the north wall of house. The fruit ripens well into winter and because of the extended time and focused heat of sunshine they had a strong agreeable taste. It is ..35 days 6hrs
Lembacurculigo latifolia - Yep I just noticed too that Lintons photos of 8 Dec 2017 appears to be that of a palm. The Lemba does nt have divided leaves. They grow ok with good light at the foot of a north-facing wall with side and top shelter of a nice bushy jade plant, and a mul..36 days 8hrs
Carambola tree challenged - During hot dry weather you can water every day with little worry. Otherwise you will know if you need water by scratching beneath the surface each day and water if it is a bit dry and not if it is wet. If your soil seems to be wet quite often then you hav..42 days 7hrs
What trees are these1 - The first two may be Macaranga and the others are loquat...42 days 21hrs
Sumac spice - haskap seedlings grown together in Auckland, New Zealand, did not set fruit. I guess they needed quite a lot of frost which was not available. Blueberries grow well and bear well in much warmer climates. The only similarity is the fruit Im afraid. ..49 days 3hrs
Lembacurculigo latifolia - Young palm grass starts to zoom with a mulch of fine coconut fibre. Might work for lemba too...77 days 9hrs
Grevillea robusta - I have noted a number of the trees declining after about that time. Usually about 30 years.Maybe they prefer better than average drainage in the soil. Maybe it is about the average lifespan. What say ye aussies ..80 days 3hrs

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