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Plants that we have too many of and that will soon outgrow their pot size so need to be sold fast
Plants that we have too many of and that will soon outgrow their pot size so need to be sold fastAdvanced treesNative MT buy 3 get 1 FREEFruit Tree Packs

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Joined: 09/04/12 Updated: 09/04/12 Frost:
Location: auckland NZ

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Denise1 Forum Contributions
Problems with white sapotes pics included - White Sapote are famous for doing the occasional heavy leaf drop. New growth is usually just around the corner. This photo shows it quite dramatically.They are of no more use to the plant so could be cut off as I would do with all leaf problems on small ..15hrs37mins
Jackfruit trees in containers - If you are dwarfing a tree in a drum then the best idea is to grow a grafted plant and not a seedling. Then you will be most certain to get fruit as it is already adult productive wood. The very best idea would be to have multiple grafts to one tree and g..15hrs48mins
Jackfruit tap root - I think there is still a chance of it developing another taproot, mainly if it finds better moisture beneath the pot. They can even push a tap root into a porous clay if they find moisture down below. If you dont want a taproot below your potted tree then..5 days 20hrs
Can i eat it - this may be Solanum laciniatum or a similar species. Sometimes it is used as rootstock for tamarillo (cyphomandra species) and it is considered safe as it doesnt pass on toxic substances to the fruit as some other rootstocks are known to sometimes do. ..8 days 14hrs
Lychee tree leaves drying - A freind suggests cutting all leaves off. I am inclined to agree. and would act quickly. Even then, there is a chance it will die. ..8 days 19hrs
Carambola starfruit frost limit - Hi Maverick, There are many variables that it is hard to say. It may be lacking in sufficient light intensity or duration, heat or moisture. It could be that your air conditioning is too dry. If the leaf drop is from a rapid decline or shock it is imp..13 days 12hrs
Eggplant seedlings rootbound - most annual vege etc seedlings if left in the punnet too long will be nearer the end of their lifespan so not able to produce the size or quantity normally expected of them. It all depends how old and stunted the plant is and if you can give it some re..17 days 16hrs
Natal plums carissa macrocarpa - This looks quite bad. As it is getting worse and they are relatively easy to get a replacement, sorry but I would be inclined to incinerate the plant and wait some time before trying one again. Unless it is purely of a physical cause such as sunburn, fer..24 days 18hrs
Lychee fruiting in partial shade - I have seen lychee in partial shade. They grow well but as the shade gets heavier the crop gets progressively lesser. If it is quite open to indirect light that is quite fine.The smaller crop will still probably be worthwhile. Worth giving it a go. Is..24 days 20hrs
Help identify this tree3 - This is not Muntingia calabura which has a fine fuzz on the stems and leaves...27 days 1hrs
Pink iona grape - I have seen a pink iona grape with the main trunk going up about 15 feet to a first floor where it fruited. It grew with no problems...35 days 11hrs
Mandarin plant new leaf - Nothing obvious at this stage. Wait and see if it becomes sick. My guess is it will probably be alright...50 days 15hrs
Mangosteen5 - Lucs Garcinia is a similar related fruit of high quality that is much easier to grow where normal mangosteen would fail...68 days 23hrs
M fruit trees - yes..68 days 24hrs
Grumichama way planting - If thats what you want.Plant them so they both face sunny north to get best flowering and fruiting. Normally they grow just over a metre wide each. ..79 days 24hrs

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