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Denise1's Edible Backyard

Joined: 09/04/12 Updated: 09/04/12 Frost:
Location: auckland NZ

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Denise1 Forum Contributions
Growing tropicals in adelaide - Shop bought coconuts without a husk can often grow if conditions are warm enough. Outside the tropics you need a heatboard and greenhouse to start it. A coconut was established outdoors in NZs far north in wild shrubbery of sand dune near to a beach. It ..5 days 12hrs
Currant grape vine - If you have a hot dry ripening season for grapes , when the fruit are fully ripe then snip the stems before the bunches so no more sap can get to the bunches. Leave the stem and bunches right where they are on the vine. They will Dry-on-the-Vine.If your c..12 days 22hrs
Red bayberry - If you have only one tree you wont get any fruit as male and female flowers on separate trees. You could wait to find what it is and then graft a mate onto a branch. Or get more seeds. It can also be grafted onto waxberry ( Myrica cerifera) which may s..13 days 2hrs
Compost bugs - Sometimes we get larvae in our compost of the hover fly. (in NZ) Specially when there is lots of grass clippings all soggy. They are a very useful fly in the garden. They appear friendly too as they will happily land on an outstretched finger if you wa..15 days 12hrs
Jakfruit on the far south coast - Osage orange, Maclura pomifera. ..34 days 14hrs
Soursop tree not bearing fruit - TO FRUIT CHERIMOYA, To get fruit first you need flowers . If flowers arent forthcoming, there is a way of bringing them on. The problem is that most leafing and flower buds are inside the leafstalk?stem area and cant push out. First nip off the top of th..35 days 21hrs
Transplanting fruit trees - It is a big shock shifting any tree. It is uaually done in stages . Firstly cut two parallel trenches either side of the tree. Some time later ( at least a few weeks?) then cut the last two sides of the tree so that the trench completely surrounds it. A f..41 days 21hrs
Feijoa not fruiting - I have noticed In Auckland all feijoas are inclined towards prompt and copious bearing yet going further north the bearing decreases. Also in Auckland tropical guavas are marginal but bear better going further north. If you cant get feijoas fruiting t..50 days 22hrs
Pomegranate12 - When I had smallsplitting fruit I was advised to give frequent light watering through out the year when soil dries. This way the fruit were supposed to develop gradually without checkind growth. The fruit were then the full size and splitting reduced gre..51 days 20hrs
Achacha taste - I just ate a ripe yellow mangosteen (Garcinia xanthochymus) The main flesh was sour but the flesh around the seeds were quite nice...55 days 15hrs
Corynocarpus laevigatus - Hi Linton, Virtually nobody eats them in Aotearoa -(NZ). They were once eaten regularly by Maori but only a few of mainly rural based maori eat them now. The nuts have to go through several alternate treatments of cooking then lengthy soaking in running..57 days 14hrs
Lychee tree - It would help if you send a photo of the lychee tree and an average photo of the affected leaves. Lychees can decline quite easily and it is not uncommon and someone may recognise the symptoms in the photos ..59 days 22hrs
Jackfruit trees in containers - Seedlings have seedling vigour because they have to grow fast to get to fruiting size and to get above the frost air layer. All that lush growth leaves them prone to cold temperatures. Grafted trees are typically adult stage growth that is typically a li..60 days 19hrs
Problems with white sapotes pics included - White Sapote are famous for doing the occasional heavy leaf drop. New growth is usually just around the corner. This photo shows it quite dramatically.They are of no more use to the plant so could be cut off as I would do with all leaf problems on small ..62 days 16hrs
Jackfruit trees in containers - If you are dwarfing a tree in a drum then the best idea is to grow a grafted plant and not a seedling. Then you will be most certain to get fruit as it is already adult productive wood. The very best idea would be to have multiple grafts to one tree and g..62 days 16hrs

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