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Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: auckland NZ

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Denise1 Forum Contributions
Finger limes going brown on end - The two colours on the fruit, and the hardness of the fruit are normal. When ripe cut it open half way along and squeeze the beads out from the cut working back. They have a slight pungency which makes it give a nice tasting sprinkle on a dish. Not exact..27 days 7hrs
Jucara palm died quickly - Perhaps you can grow the Garcinia xanthochymus outdoors and then graft Lucs onto it later on. Try a warm protected thicket where frost doesnt reach. I have seen G.x. growing Ok in semishade...30 days 2hrs
Low nitrogen fertiliser - How do you get on with fertiliser on mango. I have seen them killed with blood and bone...30 days 6hrs
Care of mango tree1 - Fertiliser can work, but NOT animal derived fertiliser or you could kill it. Use a fruiting fertiliser ( potassium) Try bashing one of the branches with a stick. Not too hard. Prune back to shock into flowering.These are just a few of my own ideas since ..37 days 10hrs
Stock1 - A rootstock for loquat could be a seedling of any loquat or it could be on a quince rootstock. You may be able to identify it by looking at the bark of the rootstock and any quince suckers sprouting from the roots...37 days 10hrs

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