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Mike27's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike27 Forum Contributions
Did you know - VF the blue worms are fat and the colour looks fake.A big purple/maroon one puts yellow sticky slime on your hands if you pick it up.I bet the big ones in the mountains here are alot like the ones in the mountains there like much of the wildlife...3575 days 18hrs
Pomegranate6 - VF thanks for the thought.It could be from a cool part of India or the hot south.Hopefully I will secure seeds of one of the good tropical ones before your one fruits...3575 days 19hrs
Bush bees - John Mc I wonder if I hang a section of bamboo or something similar with a little hole in they start a nest.I suppose they would not be that hard to mail.I don't know if they would survive in NSW or if they are the same species...3575 days 21hrs
Did you know - I was going to plant trombone zucchinis and bell chillies they might keep me awake at night.The roar vegies cause enough commotion as it is.SG they would help with the wind section of your orchestra. VF I took a picture a big blue Terriswalkerius terrare..3575 days 21hrs
Bush bees - The native bee hive in my garage door have an entrance of less than 5mm.Each year the door seems to get heavier and I suspect the hollow in the middle is filling up.They are always looking for new places for hives and seem to set small ones up and then le..3575 days 21hrs

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