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Mike T's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Mike T Forum Contributions
Chance seedlings and genetics - Nick I doubt they'll loose too many leaflets and just seem to thin them out in cold,dry times.It is that level of expertise in customs that can work against you as well...2777 days 15hrs
Making a shitake mushroom log - Ok I need to get some stuff off my hands and get Mary,David,BJ and yourself one last assortment before winter sets in.I'll shake off the laziness soon...2777 days 15hrs
Cuttings seeds seedlings swap - No amanda my profession is in biodiversity,development assessment,mining and remote area stuff with only a slight interaction with agriculture(land management and best practice).I have known people and the manager of the bot gardens and even had to negoti..2777 days 15hrs
Chance seedlings and genetics - Nick T I have become Mike T with the identity crisis.It is odd to see kids in the street eating them like lollies and we don't have them here.That is all about to change because I have had someone hurdling farm fenced around Sisaket and they have secured..2777 days 16hrs
Chance seedlings and genetics - Sweet tamarinds are the expensive ones and even more useful than the standards.Seeds are coming my way.Lemons,limes,naranjillas and billimbis are used in cooking and dished for their sourness but I prefer sweet grapefruit and tangellos to sour ones.If the..2777 days 17hrs

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