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Hk27's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Hk27 Forum Contributions
My new sour sop fruit - Hi Davido1 , leaves all looking good , only few older leaves been tear of by strong wind , and some older leaves been drop of and tiny leaves star to form (it happen last few years some times it drop to 1 to 0 still ok . cheers ..727 days 10hrs
My new sour sop fruit - Hi Waterfall . Thank, my sour sop still good growing strong it's ok , I think you don't have to worry planting it outside because the cold weather in SYDNEY will not kill your tree (but it will kill if it cold and get wet feed special in winter) so wat..728 days 8hrs
My new sour sop fruit - Hi David:01 . Thank , just update j another 2 fruit today it not big Just a handful size not much seed as you can see Cheers ..802 days 15hrs
My new sour sop fruit - Hi Ruth01 . I’m very sorry i can’t help you , I got only one so Hope you understand , maybe someone can help Cheers ...807 days 10hrs
My new sour sop fruit - Hi David01 Sorry a bit late , anyway fruit taste beautiful a bit Sour , sweet and creamy it worth to wait for 5 year Now I’m waiting for my next Mt soursop to set fruit (I hope) . Btw (Russell avo) please let me know Where I can buy it . Thank ..807 days 10hrs

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Dekopon in australia - I ordered from Woolies last night, ordered 7 pieces at $1.40 ea. Just arrived. The first one I cut had 3 seeds in it! Now just eating a piece of this Sumo as I type this, the taste is wiered, kind of like drinking cheap No frills Orange Drink (not j..Liked Question 1683 days 12hrs

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