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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
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Location: Melbourne

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Marcus Forum Contributions
Kumquat tree questions - Thanks a lot Slicko for the helpful links, and also Grant for your reply. Looks like its mainly nutritional deficiency then. ..1518 days 10hrs
Kumquat tree questions - Hello everyone, I have this kumquat tree in a pot (See attached pics) and it appears to be lacking some minerals. Could anyone confirm if this true, and please point out other problems from the pics if possible, Big thank you to all comments...1531 days 14hrs
Curry tree problem1 - Hi Mark, thank you for your reply. That's a relief then :) Hello Mary, i am sorry someone deleted your message. If you like, you can send an email directly to me at desafinado74@hotmail.com ..1705 days 12hrs
Curry tree problem1 - Hi everyone, I have a curry tree in a pot (Between 30-35cm size) and the leaves are not in dark green colour anymore. I have attached a photo of the leaf. I applied trace elements mixture to it for the 1st time last week. If anyone can advi..1705 days 24hrs
Kumquat dropping leaves - I have followed the latest advice. Thanks a lot again to everyone :)..1716 days 0hrs
Kumquat dropping leaves - Thanks a lot for everyone's replies. The amount of dropped leaves has been reduced. I will give it plenty of sun, and water fertilise it once a week. ..1724 days 11hrs
Kumquat dropping leaves - Hello everyone, My kumquat has been dropping leaves, and i am at a loss over the reasons for it. I have sprayed fungicide and insecticide on it and it seems to have reduced the amount of dropped leaves. I also found and killed a few small caterpillars..1728 days 4hrs
Mandarin tree fruiting and fertilising questions - I water the tree whenever the weather is hot and dry, and i use lawn clippings as the mulch. ok, i will reduce the amount of fertiliser then. And the plants around it are lily bulbs. But i will get rid of it...2015 days 2hrs
Mandarin tree fruiting and fertilising questions - Hi everyone, Is it normal for Mandarin trees to have many tiny fruits drop off ? Also, when do one normally fertilise a Mandarin tree within a year ? So far, i have fertilised it in September, and December with chicken manure, potassium, and ci..2016 days 6hrs
Kumquat problems - Hello AC, Thanks a lot for your reply. I think i will plant on the ground and see what happens. Take care...2082 days 1hrs
Kumquat problems - Hi everyone, I have a Kumquat plant in a pot and it is struggling with yellowish, drooping leaves, and it looks to be dying. I have tried applying Iron and Manganese supplements, and also Maxicorp, but it does not seem to be effective. Can so..2083 days 9hrs
Papaya dropping flowers - Hello everyone, i am currently growing a Cutting Grown Southern Red papaya in a pot. I have noticed that the flowers have been dropping off, and i think they are male flowers only (See attached photo) The weather in Melbourne so far has been v..2326 days 4hrs
Paw paw leaf concern - Hi Linton, You are right. I kept the plant under my verandah for 2 weeks before i planted it outdoors. At least it is not diseased. Hopefully, the younger leaves will be more sun tolerant. (And i hope there will be less 40C days in Melbourne !) ..2384 days 16hrs
Paw paw leaf concern - Thank you for your helpful advice, Jujube :)..2388 days 1hrs
Paw paw leaf concern - Happy new year to everyone, I noticed that the leaves on my Paw Paw (Cutting Southern Red)has turn whitish and looks burned. (See attached photos) Can someone please tell me what is wrong with it ? and is it a major concern ? Thank you for rea..2389 days 6hrs

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