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Fruitlovermyles's Edible Backyard

Joined: 19/04/13 Updated: 19/04/13 Frost:
Location: CHITTAWAY BAY,2261,NSW

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Fruitlovermyles Forum Contributions
Has anyone in sydney successfully grow coconut - really... jason like what?..1742 days 21hrs
Daleys f pineapple - the thing that bugs me is that getting a ripe fragrant full yellow pineapple is pretty much next to impossible in shops the ones that are available may aswell go in the bin there all green and unripe ugh!..1743 days 16hrs
Daleys f pineapple - interesting brain... that it still takes a while to grow where you are in the subtropics my grandma said that my auntie who lives in queensland comes to visit when she passes through coffs harbour they have pineapples there she gets that they grow there f..1743 days 16hrs
Has anyone in sydney successfully grow coconut - i really doubt it daleys have dwarf coconuts sometimes but they say its only worth trying as far south as coffs harbour even then who knows if anyone actully has had any luck there. ..1743 days 16hrs
White sapote3 - interesting article denise1 thanks i wonder if this works with other trees i don't see why not...1772 days 4hrs
White sapote3 - has anyone had sucess with planting two different avo's in the one whole ive read different views would like to hear from someone who has had success... what is the process for success?..1772 days 17hrs
Solomons garden plants - mmm looks like a dream property specially with those dwarf coconuts i doubt they would fruit where i am which sucks coconuts get pretty expensive in bulk. ..1777 days 22hrs
Grafted mango tree - i have a few nam doc mai's and the first one flowered when i first planted it and was worried and asked similar question basically they just like to flower and thats what happen with mine and the flower ended up rotting of anyway. depends on your winter ..1781 days 5hrs
Central coast bananas and clay soil - yes VF i have seen worm move in when card board and mulch were pilled one under the other ie cardboard the mulch and again apart from sternus method being to price of large areas i don't have a trailer and buying one and then buying a tow bar it just get..1781 days 16hrs
Central coast bananas and clay soil - thanks sternus its pretty expensive for the amount of area we have to do hmmm little bits at a time i think because we are turning the front and backyard into a food forest...1781 days 20hrs
Central coast bananas and clay soil - looks alot better sternus the cheapest local resource in horse poo buying manure from nurseries and other places gets pricey i know lucerne is mean't to make crappy soil better even heard of seaweed breaks up clay soils? how did you turn it into the soil..1782 days 20hrs
Central coast bananas and clay soil - ok thanks sternus :)..1784 days 0hrs
Central coast bananas and clay soil - thanks sternus unfortunately we have clay but its compacted clay from when the house was built and trucks and bobcats compacted it.we were digging a hole to put a pole in and the spud/big crow bar was bouncing and when it rained it became easier to dig b..1784 days 2hrs
Central coast bananas and clay soil - thanks brendan eco organic make a liquid gypsum spray ive found apparently super effective. we will probably end making a couple of permaculture banana circles using a vegie mix from a soil place. organic farmers can you use chemical fertilizers n..1784 days 17hrs
Pea eggplant seeds - hi Paul the eggplant family need something like a heat propagator to germinate which green harvest told me as eggplant have terrible germiation rate without heat.i couldn't work out why something like capsicums wouldn't germinate a couple of packets lat..1794 days 17hrs

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