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Izzi Dole's Edible Backyard

Joined: 24/05/13 Updated: 24/05/13 Frost:
Location: Georges Hall

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Izzi Dole Forum Contributions
Drumstick tree - I have a drumstick plant in a pot and it hasn't grown much in size since I got it about 15 months ago. It receives sun throughout the day. I live in Sydney and the plant shed all it's leaves in winter and looked virtually dead as it grows in tropical clim..823 days 14hrs
Strawberry guava4 - Ii is due to the hot weather these days. The rays of the sun is so strong that it burns the outer skin of the fruit. Fortunately my cherry gauvas are nice and red but my mangoes where the sun strikes hard have a brown patch. Though the outer skin has turn..824 days 14hrs
Grafted mango tree - I have a grafted Num doc Mai Mango tree in a pot which is about 70cms in height and could be around approx. 2 years old.It had a flush of flowers at the tip about the end of last spring which I removed for healthy growth hoping that it would branch off. I..1905 days 4hrs
My edible garden - Recently about three weeks ago I posted some photos of fruit trees in my edible garden consisting of mandarin, three varieties of gauva and banana. This is in reference to my article regarding edible fruit trees in my garden which i wrote in May last year..1940 days 4hrs
Which mango to choose - Since uprooting my mango tree I haven't been able to find another suitable grafted mango tree to plant in it's place.Can someone recommend a good grafted variety I could plant? I live in Sydney.I found two grafted mango trees R2E2 and Palmer available ..2049 days 3hrs
Drumstick tree - During a visit to Bundaberg in Queensland I noticed that the Drumstick tree(Moringa) was growing in the wild. I managed to bring three cuttings home to Sydney and planted in my garden out of which one survived the vagaries of winter and the other two died..2188 days 2hrs
Which mango to choose - Brian unfortunately it was too late to save this Peach Mango tree as the bark of the tree was cracked all over and resembled a crocodile's skin.I also found that the tap root had rotted just below the soil level.I reckon the tree was too old to be reloc..2188 days 3hrs
Seeking feijoa fruit - Tommoz:I have never tasted a Fejoi. But once about 10 years ago I bought a plant from Bunnings mistaking it for a gauva plant because the name tag said Pineapple gauva and the branches and leaves very much resembeled a gauva plant.It grew very quickly and..2189 days 12hrs
Grafting the mango trees - Valencia: I had a grafted peach mango tree planted in the ground almost 20 years old and had about 15 mangoes every year but unfortunately had to remove it last week because it was diseased.I have never come across a peach mango tree lately. Probably they..2190 days 9hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - On a recent visit to Cairns last week in Tropical Queensland I saw a Durian fruit being sold at the Rusty Markets. It was looking very fresh and that's the biggest fruit I have ever seen in my whole life and I guess it would weigh nearly 10kg.It was very..2190 days 10hrs
Betel leaf - Beware the betel leaf looks very similar to the leaf of the pepper vine and has a thin and shiny surface whereas the pepper vine has pods of green and red pepper hanging in clusters which is dried and used for cooking as black pepper.There are also some ..2190 days 11hrs
Betel leaf - If you move to tropical North Queensland later on you can grow almost anything that grows in India and Sri Lanka.I just returned from Cairns last week and I tasted all the tropical fruits at the Rusty markets including young coconut water, rambuttan, mang..2193 days 1hrs
Which mango to choose - I had a grafted mango tree which was called peach on the tag and was about 20 years old and grew to a height of 2.5 metres approx..Every year it produced about 15 medium size fruits. Though the leaves were looking very healthy the trunk and the branches ..2193 days 8hrs

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