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Peter3000's Edible Backyard

Joined: 01/12/13 Updated: 01/12/13 Frost:
Location: adelaide

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Limestone powder production process technology and e - figs, they like alkaline soil, and it adds calcium, also good for tomatoes to control blossom end rot...1553 days 11hrs
Limestone powder production process technology and e - i get 25kg bags of fine calcium carbonate locally for about $10.00..1554 days 8hrs
Manchurian apricot - odd i cant get that one to come up if i do an ebay search. the see other items for that seller shows that it is the only item. certainly expensive seeds. have you checked the icon data base to see if they can be imported. i have an excelent apricot..1571 days 7hrs
Manchurian apricot - Hi John cant see two seeds for sale but i can see 5 seeds for $1.22 au..1571 days 10hrs
Cassabanana sicana odorifera - hi john cassabannana have male and female yellow flowers on the same plant. i have seen a lot of passiflora flowers in the past while i was searching for p.antiquinensis and what you have is definately some sort of passiflora...1578 days 12hrs
Cherimoya6 - kampong mauve is a sugar apple not a custard apple and is likely to do extremly poorly in vic...1592 days 8hrs
Help identify this plant - i have hundreds of these growing, have pulled them out with a tractor in the past and they keep growing back...1613 days 21hrs
Milk kefir grains - Hi Mary, mine arrived today safe and sound. thanks again...1650 days 11hrs
Almond papershell flower colour - they are white...1682 days 6hrs
Mulberry varieties - if it does turn out to be a black english mullberry then you cant strick cuttings from them...1724 days 20hrs
Mulberry varieties - black english mulbery leaves are heart shaped and have a sand paper texture...1731 days 4hrs
Figs7 - does anyone know of any black mission figs anywhere, i bought a couple a while back but sadly they were misslabled. can pay or swap with other figs i have...1764 days 4hrs
White sapotes1 - hi all i have a grafted tree wich is either a golden globe or lemon gold which has flowered profrusly for 4 years now but every time all the little small pea sized fruit fall off. can any one suggest a pollinator for it. ..1792 days 5hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - ended up giving that one away, fruited very easily and was very aromatic, tasted good, still have the yellow cherry which are ok but nothing special ..1808 days 4hrs
Guava tees in melbourne - ok i just tried ordering one and got the quarintine message, thats news to me, because i have got a yellow cherry and mexican cream from them way back. ..1808 days 10hrs

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White sapote pollination - Is thinning the crop advised with white sapote? Some clusters on my vista comprise thirteen or fourteen developing fruit and I can't imagine them all reaching full size..Liked Answer 1986 days 11hrs

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