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88's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/09/13 Updated: 05/09/13 Frost:
Location: Australia

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

88 Forum Contributions
Advise on plantingpruning fruit trees - Every plant needs light to grow. But the right amount of sunlight varies. Can you tell me what type of fruits you are going to plant? So, that I can advise you perfectly. We can grow plants with sufficient sunlight and water as well as. You can get inform..2102 days 15hrs
Beginner needs help soil preparation - For soil preparation, it takes so much time but, if we do it in right strategic way we will get quick result. Firstly one has to analyse the soil, then according to it's condition procedure are design and implementation takes place. Know here more about ..2113 days 14hrs
Preparing soil blueberries - If you want to successfully grow different varieties of blueberries in pots, then your pot should contain an acid mix soil. Also soil should have a high water adsorbing capacity. So, it's good to use coco pet. Coco peat has an optimal water absorbing cap..2118 days 11hrs

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