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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveSpring Catalogue is Available Nowfathers day couponBuy 3 get 1 FREE bare root stock

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Bee hives - Get the black stingless as my place. There are a few hives scattered about, always in the hollows of dead black wattles. I've never tried the honey, its supposed to be like a concentrate though, really strong. I think you can buy specialised boxes which ..2118 days 21hrs
Bee hives - Jason, I think there are about 7 types from memory, one is actually a burrower, another the teddy bear is like a bumble bee, doesn't swarm. s..2119 days 7hrs
Southern limit for coconutting - Would be very surprised if you couldn't grow them there alfons. Dwarf malays grow and fruit here in brisbane. s..2119 days 7hrs
Bee hives - From that photo I think it is a native stingless bee. There are several native varieties, but the one in the photo is the swarming kind. You can buy native bee boxes, complete with bees, for 250$. s..2119 days 7hrs
Blueberry burst - spasky can you recommend a blueberry for the subtropics? Which varieties would you be growing in brisbane, assuming you don't?..2119 days 11hrs

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