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Bee hives - Get the black stingless as my place. There are a few hives scattered about, always in the hollows of dead black wattles. I've never tried the honey, its supposed to be like a concentrate though, really strong. I think you can buy specialised boxes which ..1995 days 17hrs
Bee hives - Jason, I think there are about 7 types from memory, one is actually a burrower, another the teddy bear is like a bumble bee, doesn't swarm. s..1996 days 3hrs
Southern limit for coconutting - Would be very surprised if you couldn't grow them there alfons. Dwarf malays grow and fruit here in brisbane. s..1996 days 3hrs
Bee hives - From that photo I think it is a native stingless bee. There are several native varieties, but the one in the photo is the swarming kind. You can buy native bee boxes, complete with bees, for 250$. s..1996 days 3hrs
Blueberry burst - spasky can you recommend a blueberry for the subtropics? Which varieties would you be growing in brisbane, assuming you don't?..1996 days 8hrs
Bee hives - Hard to tell from the photo, but that looks too big and the wrong colour to be a native bee. Native bees are very easy to keep--just don't expect to get any honey from them. Unless you know exactly what you're doing, robbing the hive will probably decim..1996 days 8hrs
Fruit id - Never met a canistel I liked...don't like the flavour or its par-boiled albumin consistency. ..1996 days 9hrs
Trees arrived in poor condition2 - Peter, Daleys can't control what happens when plants depart the nursery. I have always found the shipping and quality of plants from daleys to be excellent. I'm sure greg will sort you out...1996 days 9hrs
Blueberry burst - I hope the quality of fruits improve, and the size. Kind of wishing I had invested in another variety at this stage...1997 days 10hrs
Blueberry burst - Tried the first fruit of my blueberry bursts today and was fairly underwhelmed--really sour, maybe I picked it too early though. Was a small berry also...1997 days 10hrs
Failed snake wrassle - Yeah, they are really beneficial to have around. Possums tend to vamoose when they are present also, which makes me happy. This one was too big though, two small dogs are on the property and neighbor has chickens. They don't always fit them down, but ..1997 days 11hrs
Failed snake wrassle - Found this guy in the shed today. A little to big to have hanging around, usually if they are a meter or so I take the live and let live policy, when they're up around 3-4m like this girl, they go for a trip. Well, usually they do, but not today. Snake 1..1997 days 14hrs
Male paw paw fruit - Mike, when you get a chance could you drop me a message at LJO84 at hushmail dot com thanks mate s..1997 days 15hrs
Fruit id - BJ, when you can, drop me a message at: LJO84 AT hushmail dot com. cheers ..1998 days 6hrs
Looking for guavas - Looking to buy apple gauava seedlings, please reply if interested in selling. s..1998 days 6hrs

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