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Mike Tr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/13 Updated: 05/11/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike Tr Forum Contributions
Male and female paw paws - Male paw paws like in pic 3 taste poor and are seedless,females are good and hermies are best. Hemies are usually elongated and females round to football shaped with less flesh pigment. They do not change sex and if on long stalks the tree is a male...21hrs16mins
Pulasan trees - Eubenangee is the right climate and a few people have notice that particular lot of pulasan from limberlost are shy fruiters.Seedlings in you area can produce in their 3rd year.The more sunlight the better and a marcot might have been more reliable.Limber..35 days 6hrs
Need help identifying plant2 - I ripped my green and purple ones out as they just go crazy and seedling pop up everywhere. They might be less vigorous outside the wet tropic. ..37 days 2hrs
Looking for jackfruitjakfruit varieites seedlings - They are older types off some of the Floridian evaluation lists even if these are Australian.J33,Berry,Amber,J31,Daeng Suria and Bangkok Lemon are the next leveland better ones to chase even if their cold hardiness hasn't been tested...37 days 2hrs
Pawpaw15 - Female fruit typically are not as elongated or red fleshed as bisex fruit and are of lower quality. Poor fruit set may be due pollination issues or nutrition with potash likely to help.There are no papaya fruit fly in Australia and fruit spotting bugs are..41 days 3hrs
Please identify this plant - Flesh is too thick for jambos and not a wax apple...41 days 22hrs
Melicoccus bijugatus mamoncillo or spanish lime - There is nor many around. I think seeds are still permitted for import...43 days 6hrs
Please identify this plant - Yes it could be a white malaccensis and the flowers will give away its identity...43 days 23hrs
Please identify this plant - S.forte? Sure seems to be a Syzigium...43 days 23hrs
Blue quandongs - 4 to 5 years in the tropics and I presume it is angustifolia you are talking about.They get big alright...43 days 23hrs
Papaya dropping flowers - Female and fruit will stick eventually. They can take a while to open their account even when the plant is healthy as the one in the pic appears to be. ..50 days 4hrs
Lucs garcinia - None are fruiting in Australia yet. No undescribed species are allowed into Australia so call them something. The official bicon Garcinia list is riddled with errors anyway...51 days 2hrs
Thai papaya - That is a broadleaf bisex papaya and they are red fleshed and more tropical than most. Something is wrong with the roots and nutrition and whether over fertilisation, salinity or something else is going on is hard to tell...51 days 2hrs
Unknown fruit tree4 - Just a cocky apple alright...118 days 4hrs
Duguetia - I have grown 7 or 8 Duguetia species and gave then all away. Those flowers look like a rollinia...118 days 4hrs

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