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Mike Tr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/13 Updated: 05/11/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike Tr Forum Contributions
Help mangos are splitting open - A lack of Ca, Zn and Bo or sudden rain after a dry period can cause splitting...11 days 2hrs
Ants on black sapote fruit - This is normal and the calyx of BS frequently have small ant colonies.They wont compromise the fruit...29 days 8hrs
Plant identifcation - It looks familiar and may soon have a purple or white flower...29 days 8hrs
Caterpillar id - Cup moth caterpillar and nor really a pest...39 days 3hrs
Chempejack - They are pure chempadaks and durian, honey,ch26 and ch36 are examples of excellent varieties as well. I have not heard of K-jack and it seems surprising as they don't look especially closely related. In the late 80's the gold series, galaxy, cochin (cross..45 days 2hrs
Chempejack - Cheena is ok but not an elite cross and perhaps a little on the sloppy side.J33, amber and berry are probably the best jacks in Australia I have eaten. Twisted chempa and leopard skin are probably the best I have tried of that species in Australia. ..49 days 8hrs
Limberlost - It is a variety of durian named after the nursery...73 days 7hrs
Probably the best durio for sale on - My place currently has the dulcet aroma of zibethinus wafting around as it has for 3 months now...85 days 2hrs
Wurtz avocado - They are good quality and similar to fuerte...85 days 6hrs
Cross pollination6 - Only P.alata is compatible outside the species...85 days 6hrs
Grimal vs haitian star apple - Grimal is green and Haitian is the small purple.Grimal is named after Adolf Grimal, Florida.They are the 2 worst and smallest fruited types of star apples...85 days 6hrs
Matisia - I got about a dozen fruit from a park on Sunday.They seem to be getting more common all the time and there are 5 or 6 good types in FNQ...85 days 6hrs
Is this an edible guava - Probably E.itaguensis or a near relative...85 days 6hrs
Nutmeg - Equatorial but ok to 19 latitude in maritime climates...85 days 6hrs
Male and female paw paws - Male paw paws like in pic 3 taste poor and are seedless,females are good and hermies are best. Hemies are usually elongated and females round to football shaped with less flesh pigment. They do not change sex and if on long stalks the tree is a male...93 days 23hrs

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