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Bare root fruit trees just arrive
Bare root fruit trees just arriveCrimson seedless grape specialAdvanced TreesBare root coming soon

Mike Tr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/13 Updated: 05/11/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike Tr Forum Contributions
Mango30 - Wouldn't do that in Cairns even if temps were 8c or 9c for the last week...4 days 24hrs
Avocado plant diagnosis3 - Are those scale insects on the trunk and burnt leaf tips? Seedlings of avos are a real lottery even when you get the variety right for your area. Some of them never fruit and they are a little bit untrue. Excesses and deficiencies can cause the burnt tips..13 days 1hrs
Sweet lilikoi - P.alata is compatible with P.quadrangularis ie granadilla only besides its own species...18 days 23hrs
Panama berry dead - I agree with Denise that a sandpaper fig may be the true identity of the non-panama..19 days 1hrs
Pitpit - I used to grow it in Cairns where both red and green types are around in the Melanesian communities.It is worthwhile and easy to grow in warm climates and just looks like mini sugar cane.I don't know if its permitted...19 days 1hrs
Duriun trees have you seen any - If you're south of Townsville you have little chance with durian growing unless... you have D.macrantha, red prawn or one of the Thai Laplae types.That might buy you an extra 5 degrees of latitude...19 days 1hrs
Yellow vein chlorosis - Mmm could it be a sudden lack of availability of N with a general background Potassium deficiency. Such apparent deficiencies can be caused by excesses, toxicities, root damage and antagonisms as much as straight lack of nutrients...19 days 1hrs
Blue java suckers brisbane - There is a sucker grown every minute but no one ever seems to have blue java.You can console yourself with the knowledge that there are better varieties ..19 days 1hrs
Durian2 - Some frozen durian is ok although not as good as fresh obviously. Interestingly it nearly all comes from Thailand labelled as Monthong when you can see plenty is Chanee...19 days 1hrs
Growing tropicals in adelaide - Coconuts might be too tropical for anywhere south of the 30 latitude line. All of the sub tropicals mentioned are not surprising in the right Adelaide microclimate and/or greenhouse with winter management. I imagine that jackfruit,various sapotes,achachas..19 days 1hrs
Tropical fruit trees successfuly grown in melbourne - I think the topic is really sub tropical and warm temperate fruit growing in Melbourne. I wonder how long you could keep a mangosteen, durian, breadfruit or rambutan tree alive...19 days 1hrs
What trees are these are they dying - Peach tree yes and its going through a rough patch. The roots could be rotting from too much water, there could be excess fertiliser applied or something in the soil.The Syzygiums look like a young wax apples in the foliage and the fruit look a bit like m..34 days 24hrs
Sapote that taste like cheesecake - I am waiting for a sapote that taste like strawberry shortcake..34 days 24hrs
White sapote seeds - Not the season now..34 days 24hrs
Lacuma - Green sapote, ross sapote and canistel should be fine. Lucmo is another variation of the name...35 days 23hrs

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