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Mike Tr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/13 Updated: 05/11/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike Tr Forum Contributions
Spanish lime - Not a citrus at all and more closely related to lychees...4 days 10hrs
Help identify tree - Agathis robustus Common Kauri..34 days 16hrs
Garcinia intermedia - Dry air and wind is an enemy more than high temps.Mid to high 40s should be fine if humidity is high...47 days 14hrs
Little evodia1 - Very Citrussy,waxy and aromatic but not edible.Good for aroma related uses...47 days 14hrs
Jackfruit sydney - They actually are reasonably true most of the time and usually the offspring is similar to the parent. Where outcrossing has taken place they will obviously often have characteristics of both. If a sloppy, latexy and poor quality jack is in the neighbourh..50 days 14hrs
Little evodia1 - Not edible and smaller than an apple seed..50 days 14hrs
Blackgold jakfruit - I have amber and J33 and they seem like a step up from the gold series and many of the older types in Australia.The better types like Bangkok lemon, Timor red,berry and others keep emerging from the shadows in the north...60 days 9hrs
Bread fruit seedling - As you progress further from PNG breadfruit become increasing seedless. They are really a hybrid with breadnut and A.marriannus so are often seedless for the same reason as bananas are behind a cross. They are thus not hen's teeth and seedling breadfruit ..70 days 9hrs
Garcinia intermedia - Intermedia is here and looks much like a G.brasiliensis and G.gardneriana.These 3 have smaller and yellower fruit than achacha but taste similar.Several species are referred to as Madrono including G.magnifolia,madruno,mountain madrono and several others ..71 days 14hrs
Cheese tree - I think they are native and certainly common in the wet tropics.I would be drilling holes to deliver discouragement...75 days 9hrs
Mangosteen5 - no..133 days 10hrs
Polyembryonic mango seeds - Seeds can handle down to at least 4c which is cooler that picked mangoes are stored at.Honey gold is alright and no one planting a seed for private use of PBR varieties has ever been prosecuted in this country. Maybe get something like sam ru du or maha C..172 days 16hrs
Tropical plum - They wont grow in Cairns properly and on the tablelands a few plums can bear ok at higher altitudes ie 700m or higher. Tropic snow and florda prince peaches really only need 50 to 100 chill hours but are listed as higher and sometimes florda prince has ha..172 days 16hrs
Mimusops - Did you get it from Trina?..189 days 14hrs
Enquiry2 - S,aqueous,samarangense,malaccenses or another? Common names can apply to a few species...223 days 17hrs

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