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Mike Tr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/13 Updated: 05/11/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike Tr Forum Contributions
Mangosteen5 - no..2 days 6hrs
Polyembryonic mango seeds - Seeds can handle down to at least 4c which is cooler that picked mangoes are stored at.Honey gold is alright and no one planting a seed for private use of PBR varieties has ever been prosecuted in this country. Maybe get something like sam ru du or maha C..41 days 12hrs
Tropical plum - They wont grow in Cairns properly and on the tablelands a few plums can bear ok at higher altitudes ie 700m or higher. Tropic snow and florda prince peaches really only need 50 to 100 chill hours but are listed as higher and sometimes florda prince has ha..41 days 12hrs
Mimusops - Did you get it from Trina?..58 days 10hrs
Enquiry2 - S,aqueous,samarangense,malaccenses or another? Common names can apply to a few species...92 days 13hrs
Melicoccus bijugatus mamoncillo or spanish lime - Heya David I hope so as well and requirements keep getting ramped up and they do take liberties with their own rules even when you comply completely. The phyto certificates and vendor statements mean permitted seeds really cant be brought in from most pla..92 days 13hrs
Melicoccus bijugatus mamoncillo or spanish lime - I don't know if it is worth planting standards as they are not monoecous and too big.I have a parcel of dwarf monos coming that I hope make it through...94 days 13hrs
Unknown chocolate fruit2 - They are a common wild plant in my area and a street tree as well.Calling then edible is a stretch and mentioning chocolate is a bridge too far...104 days 13hrs
Cherry of the rio grande6 - It is a pity they don't like warm climates.I had 2 that were about six years old and never produced fruit.The volunteered for mulch patrol recently. ..107 days 13hrs
Paxton prolific not fruiting - No PP is the same as KJ Pinks and they are all Mammoth descendants and bud sports. ..112 days 13hrs
Olives in the tropics - They are around but not common and I don't have one...112 days 13hrs
Olives in the tropics - Olives will struggle in Townsville or Mareeba and better off growing Elaeocarpus serratus...115 days 10hrs
Wax jambu seeds - Tuptim,daeng,chanthabury and dozens of other thai types are very good...115 days 13hrs
Melicoccus bijugatus mamoncillo or spanish lime - Dwarf and bisex types are the way to go.Marcotting is the best way to propagate but you need a good productive tree to start with...115 days 13hrs
Mango varieties1 - I doubt it and Haden might be one of the world's most grown variety but those types with a hydrocarbon taint don't seem to be welcomed in SE Asia or Australia...119 days 10hrs

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