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Mike Tr's Edible Backyard

Joined: 05/11/13 Updated: 05/11/13 Frost:
Location: Cairns

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Fruit Tree Forum Contributions

Mike Tr Forum Contributions
Unknown fruit tree4 - Just a cocky apple alright...22 days 15hrs
Duguetia - I have grown 7 or 8 Duguetia species and gave then all away. Those flowers look like a rollinia...22 days 15hrs
Palm - Definitely cycad..22 days 15hrs
Giant siam starfruit tree - No the mother tree develops the fruit and crossed seeds influence the next generation...43 days 14hrs
Fig cut or keep suckers - Always cut suckers like that on fruit trees...49 days 9hrs
Giant siam starfruit tree - I have those 2 varieties.Giant siam can have huge fruit on healthy well fertilised trees in full sun.If the question is about tree size then both can get huge but are smaller outside of the tropics.They can be pruned to 2.5m tall and wide quite easily...49 days 9hrs
Poinciana1 - Red flowering ones are rarer and the flowers taste the same...49 days 9hrs
Brazilian cherry1 - My brazil orange,black star and Lolita varieties are all fruiting at once.Potash makes a difference to fruit development and setting...49 days 9hrs
Growing durukasaccharum edule - I hacked mine out last year but spread some cuttings around. Some people who grow red pit pit didn't have the green kind like mine.I can keep an eye out...49 days 9hrs
Need help identifying this tree - Sorry I take it all back now I have looked at pics properly.I am fighting glochidions overhanging my yard all the time and on reflection it could be ferdinandi which is quite different to some congenors.Some of my local Diploglottis do look similar at a g..49 days 9hrs
Dragon fruit - With fertiliser it is the macronutrients Nitrogen phosphorous potassium. Magnesium, calcium and sulphur are sometimes called macronutrients also but are second tier and not NPK...49 days 9hrs
Need help identifying this tree - Nothing like Glochidion that tree and A.fitzalani is a poor looking tree that doesn't attract wildlife.Sure looks like Diploglottis but pulling a fruit off and showing us or telling us whether the flesh is rubbery or not would help. It is too cryptic at a..59 days 16hrs
Paw paw pollinator - The names are both correct and in fact the Annonaceae paw paw was named due to its papaya resemblance. Both papaya and paw paw are very old names and neither are incorrect even if papaya is the American standard these days. ..67 days 15hrs
Whats wrong with my pawpaw and mango - Fruit spotting bugs may have had a hand in this and they allow fungal attack.Fertliser and insect control might help the paw paw...67 days 15hrs
Pawpaw broadleaf small malformed leaves - That looks like a bisex broadleaf alright and cold rather than a soil problem is possible judging by the foliage. Apical meristem retardation is usually from fruit spotting bugs. ..81 days 14hrs

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